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Updated Happenings in Melaka,Folks!

Malacca Assembly: State to redevelop 23 small towns
By : Jason Gerald John

THE state government will be redeveloping 23 small towns to boost the economy in those areas.

It is also to ensure that development in rural areas is at par with urban areas for the benefit of the people.State Education, Science, Technology and Human Resources Committee chairman Datuk Yaakub Md Amin said the redevelopment would cover 13 small towns in Jasin district, eight in Alor Gajah and two in Melaka Tengah.

"The works to be carried out in these areas include rebuilding old and dilapidated shophouses, upgrading roads and other basic infrastructure, and carrying out beautification and tourism projects.

"Our main aim is to ensure that the physical development in these areas is similar to major towns in the state," he said in reply to a question by Ghazale Mohamad (BN-Serkam).
He said that the redevelopment of the small towns was vital as the state progressed towards being fully developed.


AEON set to open three more malls this year

JOHOR BARU: AEON Co (M) Bhd will open three new Aeon shopping centres this year – one in Melaka Sentral while the other two locations are still being identified.
Managing director Nagahisa Oyama said the Malacca outlet, to be opened by year-end, would be the company’s second shopping centre in the state.
He said AEON would invest about RM30mil for fittings and fixtures at the Melaka Sentral shopping centre as it would be leasing the building from the developer.
“We always believe that there are opportunities to expand even during a recession and we will emerge even stronger when the economy turns around,’’ he said.

Southern Region News
April 22, 2009 22:10 PM


All Sites At Melaka Composite Technology City Taken Up
MELAKA, April 22 (Bernama) -- The industrial sites at the 59.95-hectare Composite Technology City in Batu Berendam here have been snapped up by domestic and foreign investors, the state assembly was told today.

State Industrial, Trade and Entrepreneur and Cooperative Development Committee chairman Datuk Md Yunos Husin said four of the six companies which had begun full operations there were local companies.The six companies had a combined investment value of RM830 million, he said when replying to a question from Abdul Wahab Abdul Latip (BN-Durian Tunggal).

Md Yunos said the success of development at the composite industrial site had drawn the interest of two more companies, involving an investment of RM29 million.He said Boeing, Airbus and Bombardier were among the aircraft manufacturers which had ordered aircraft components from companies operating at the site."This reflected the confidence and recognition at the international level for products manufactured by companies operating at the Batu Berendam composite industrial site," he said.

Md Yunos said the expansion of the Batu Berendam airport by September to handle Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 aircraft was expected to give rise to many downstream industries related to composite and aerospace technologies.

Meanwhile, the state assembly also placed on record its congratulations to Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak on his appointment as the sixth prime minister of Malaysia.It also recorded its appreciation and thanks to former prime minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

The house will sit again tomorrow.


Aktiviti Semasa Di Melaka

Acara Harian dan Mingguan

Light & Sound Show
The inspiring show uses fantastic lighting effects and it is woven with a rich tapestry of words, music and sounds to tell story of Melaka in general.
Date: Daily (8 pm & 9 pm)
Venue: Light & Sound Tribune
Organiser: Melaka Light & Sound Sdn. Bhd.
Tel: +606-286 6070
Fax: +606-282 6745

Orang Utan Show
Comedy performance rich with elements of education, conservation and animal behaviour for all to enjoy.
Date: Daily (10.00 am & 2.00 pm)
Venue: Amphitheater, Melaka Zoo
Organiser: Melaka Zoo
Tel: +606-232 4053
Fax: +606-232 5859

Cultural Show
Malaysian culture show and performance.
Date: Daily (11.00 am & 2.00 pm)
Venue: Taman Mini Malaysia
Organiser: Gerak Budaya Sdn. Bhd.
Tel: +606-232 1331
Fax: +606-232 1333

Elephant Show
A must see performance for all, man animal behavior make your visit meaningful and enjoyable.
Date: Daily (12.00 pm & 4.00 pm)
Venue: ElephantVillage, Melaka Zoo
Organiser: Melaka Zoo
Tel: +606-232 4053
F : 06-2325859

Photo Session with Animals (Orang Utan, Baby Elephant, Tiger etc)
A chance for visitors to snap a photo with the animal for memories.
Date: Daily (10 am - 5 pm)
Venue: Amphitheater & ElephantVillage, Melaka Zoo
Organiser: Melaka Zoo
Tel: +606-232 4053
Fax: +606-232 5859

Tram Ride in Zoo
All Aboard! Enjoy a memorable tram ride covering much of the Zoo grounds.
Date: Daily (10.00 am – 1.00 pm & 2.00 pm – 5.00 pm)
Venue: Tren Station, Melaka Zoo
Organiser: Melaka Zoo
Tel: +606-232 4053Fax: +606-232 5859


Elephant ride

Treat your kids to a delightful elephant ride. Let them get to know more about this gentle animal.
Date: Every Saturday, Sunday, Public & School Holidays
10.00 am – 12.00 pm & 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm
Venue: Elephant Village, Melaka Zoo
Organiser: Melaka Zoo
Tel: +606-232 4053
Fax: +606-232 5859

Horse Ride
Its your chance to experience a horse ride going through the garden.
Date: Every Saturday, Sunday, Public & School Holidays
(10.00 am – 12.00 pm & 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm)
Venue: Elephant Village, Melaka Zoo
Organiser: Melaka Zoo
Tel: +606-232 4053
Fax: +606-232 5859

Night Zoo
Watch the animals behavior during nite at Melaka Zoo.
Date: Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays
8.00 pm - 11.30pm
Venue: Melaka Zoo
Organiser: Melaka Zoo
Tel: +606-232 4053Fax: +606-2325859

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Malaysia to partly open services sector: PM

Wednesday, April 22, 2009, 05.59 PM

MALAYSIA is to open some sectors in the service sector of its economy to foreign investors without requiring them to have domestic companies as stakeholders, the country’s prime minister said today.

The areas that will be freed up are in Health, Tourism, Transport, Business Services and Computer Related Businesses and cover 27 subsectors of the services economy, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak told a press conference.

In addition up to five foreign law firms will be allowed to enter if they work in Islamic finance, a sector Malaysia is keen to boost.

Other finance areas are not being opened up further under the plans announced on Wednesday and air travel, utilities, the distributive trades are among the areas that will not be opened up under the current round. - Reuters

Sime seeks Buyer for Hotel Equatorial,Melaka

Sime seeks buyer for hotel
By Vasantha Ganesan
Published in Business Times (

In a move to sell non-core businesses, the conglomerate has put up Hotel Equatorial Melaka for sale at an estimated RM180 million.
Conglomerate Sime Darby Bhd (4197) has put up for sale its decade-old hotel in the heart of historical Malacca.The five-star 496-room Hotel Equatorial Melaka will probably be sold for an estimated RM180 million, or roughly RM363,000 per room, sources told Business Times.

The sale is said to to be in line with Sime Darby's intention to sell non-core businesses.

Hotel Equatorial Melaka is owned by Syarikat Malacca Straits Inn Sdn Bhd, in which Sime Darby holds 55 per cent and the Malacca state government 30 per cent. The rest is held by Hotel Equatorial (M) Sdn Bhd, which is also the operator.

Sime Darby officials were unavailable for comment.Sources close to the deal said that Zerin Properties has been appointed as the exclusive agent for the sale.

Zerin Properties could not be reached for comment.

A source, who disclosed that several offers have been received for the property, said the agent was hopeful of completing the deal by the year-end.

If Sime Darby got its asking price, based on its interests, it could get as much as RM99 million from the sale.

It is believed that the hotel, with average occupancy of more than 60 per cent and average room rate of RM180 per night, made some RM37 million revenue in its last financial year.

Its earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation last year stood at around RM11 million.

Malacca, the third most visited state after Kuala Lumpur/Selangor and Penang, was proclaimed a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco).

Last year, it welcomed 7.2 million tourists. It projects 8.4 million arrivals this year.

By 2010, it hopes to attract 13 million tourists.

Hotel Equatorial Melaka, located in Bandar Hilir, is a 22-storey building with three basement floors for parking. It has seven food and beverage outlets and a ballroom seating capacity of 1,300.

The hotel is within walking distance of the A Famosa fort and the Stadthuys.

Monday, April 20, 2009

More Tourist Attractions to look forward to!

19 April. (New Straits Times) -
The state government of Malacca intends to rebuild the ‘historic’ Malacca, that of the 15th century which is regarded as the golden age of Malacca Sultanate with plans for two replica-ships-cum-museums, a marina and a windmill. The Malacca Sultanate is considered the ’start’ of the Malay civilisation and was later in history occupied by the Portuguese and the Dutch.

Malacca ‘returns’ to the 15th century
Fifteenth-century Malacca was a busy marketplace, with trading ships from around the world sailing up and down its river.

Inspired by the past, the state government aims to replicate the busy surroundings of the river in the Malacca Sultanate era.
By April next year, tourists will be able to get a feel of this historic city’s heyday.
The first is Kapal Dendang Berahi, the ship in which Sultan Mansur Shah sailed to Majapahit to wed its princess, while the second, to be named Kapal Laksamana Cheng Ho, is a replica of the vessel used by the famous chinese armada admiral.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Latest Event Happening in Melaka:

14th April 2009 @ (8.00 PM)
Location: BANDARAYA MALL ( beside Jaya Jusco Shopping Centre)

15th April 2009@ (8.00 PM)
Location : BANDARAYA MALL (beside Jaya Jusco Shopping Centre)


Saturday, April 11, 2009

JOm ZOOm ke Melaka ( Isu Makanan)

Kebanyakkan daripada kita mengenali negeri Melaka kerana budaya berbilang bangsanya, sejarahnya, beraneka jenis barangan antik yang boleh didapati pada harga yang berpatutan dan kebudayaan kaum majmuk yang mempersonakan. Tetapi tidak ramai dikalangan kita terutamanya bagi anda yang baru pertama kali mengunjungi Bandaraya Bersejarah, mengetahui bahawa terdapat satu rahsia yang tersimpan rapi, rahsia yang menyelerakan dan dalam keadaan tertentu, ianya bakal membuatkan diri anda terpegun? (dan rahsianya adalah....jeng...jeng... MAKANAN MELAKA!).

Melaka adalah salah satu dari negari di Malaysia yang penduduknya sangat beragam.Dengan beragamnya jenis penduduk itu maka sudah tidak menghairankan kalau di Melaka ini tersedia berbagai jenis makanan khas. Tentu saja ada yang berupa makanan tradisional suatu suku dan banyak juga jenis makanan yang merupakan hasil kombinasi makanan khas satu suku dengan yang lain . Percayalah, hidangan yang menyelerakan lagi melazatkan ini hanya boleh anda temui di negeri Melaka.

Contohnya saja adalah laksa , salah satu makanan kegemaran ramai disini . Laksa ini adalah seperti sup dengan kuah santan yang gurih dan sedikit pedas . Isinya iaitu: tahu pong , udang , telur rebus dan mi . Agak mirip – mirip sayur lodeh rasanya .

Tempat makanan dan orang ramai yang terkenal di Melaka untuk hidangan ini salah satunya di Jonker Dessert , Jonker street.

Benar, anda mungkin boleh menjumpai hidangan sebegini di merata-rata kawasan lain di seluruh negara, tetapi jika anda berhajat untuk menikmati masakan Melaka tulen yang terbaik, anda memang berada di tempat yang tepat!

Masakan Melaka boleh dikategorikan kepada empat variasi yang tidak ditemui ditempat-tempat lain di Malaysia seperti masakan Melayu Melaka, Nyonya Cina, Chetty India dan masakan Portugis ala Melaka (seperti di gambar sebelah)yang menggambarkan keunikan negeri Melaka yang tersendiri.

Masakan Peranakkan kebiasanyan pedas dan berempah sementara masakan Portugis seakan-akan hampir sama seperti masakan melayu.

Majoriti makanan yang ditawarkan dinegeri Melaka adalah murah dan lazat dan dalam situasi tertentu sebilangan makanan yang terbaik boleh didapati di gerai-gerai kecil peniaga, yang kurang dikenali.

Melainkan kepada pengemar-pengemar makanan dan juga mereka benar-benar arif dan mengetahui (tanyalah orang sekeliling, sudah pasti ada yang bakal membawa anda menikmati hidangan yang terbaik yang anda sendiri belum pernah rasa).
Kini, kami sudah melaksanakan peranan kami memaklumkan kepada anda mengenai rahsia negeri Melak ini yang mana tidak ramai yang mengetahuinya. Dan kini peranan anda pula untuk merasai semua masakan yang anda temui dan jumpa, ...Cuma lupakan sahaja diet atau pakaian mengikut bentuk tubuh dan cubalah nikmati segala apa yang ditawarkan di Melaka dan bila anda benar-benar puas merasainya datanglah lagi untuk kali kedua ...

Tidak ketinggalan juga ialah peluang untuk anda melawat Alor Gajah, semasa beristirehat di negeri ini: Nama Alor Gajah berpunca daripada tabiat sekumpulan gajah liar yang kononnya diketuai oleh seekor gajah putih. Gajah berkenaan dilihat sangat gemar berjalan secara berkumpulan menurut alur sebatang sungai yang terdapat di bandar ini.

Atas keadaan itu penduduk tempatan menamakan bandar ini sebagai Alor Gajah. Alor Gajah pada mulanya didiami oleh orang Minangkabau pada kurun ke-12. Apabila berlaku penghijrahan beramai-ramai penduduk Minangkabau di Tampin pada masa pemerintahan Kesultanan Melayu Melaka maka wujudlah pemerintahan Melayu di Bandar Alor Gajah yang kini sebuah daerah maju dibawah pentadbiran Kerajaan Negeri Melaka.

Jadi, JOm ke MelaKa !

Friday, April 10, 2009

Six New Hotels coming up in Malacca City!

MALACCA: The state’s vision of turning Malacca River into the Venice of the East is on track with more than RM100mil being invested in the construction of six hotels on the riverbank.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam said the project was the acquisition and refurbishment of the former 10-storey Plaza Inn in Jalan Munshi Abdullah next to Hang Tuah Bridge.

“We acquired the abandoned hotel for RM14mil and will spend RM15mil to renovate and refurbish it.“It will be renamed Riverview Hotel and is expected to be operational in September,” he told reporters after visiting the hotel on Thursday.

He said that Adelphi Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd, the company responsible for reviving a defunct resort on Pulau Besar, would manage the four star, 169-room hotel.

Plaza Inn was constructed in the early 1980s and ceased operations in 1992 after which it was left abandoned.

It is being revived through a joint effort by the Malacca Historic City Council, Chief Minister Incorporated and State Economic Development Corporation.Mohd Ali said that work was underway on four more hotels along the river, namely Casa Del Rio and UDA Hotel near Kampung Morten, and two others near Hang Jebat Bridge.He said the project to rehabilitate Malacca River as the Venice of the East and as a tourist attraction was on track.

Meanwhile, Mohd Ali said that Arab investors involved in developing the RM200mil Arab Village in Pulau Melaka were looking at developing Kampung Jawa in the heart of the old city.He said the project would involve 3.6ha and affect 40 petty traders and craftsman in the area.

However, he gave an assurance that the traders would be relocated to temporary sites on the riverbank and given the choice to move into the bazaar when it was completed.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Agong slated to participate in Melaka Event

By: Bernama News

MELAKA, April 7 -- The Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin will participate in the Melaka Grand Invitational Endurance Ride 2009 to be held for three days at the Hang Jebat Stadium, Krubong near here beginning Friday.

Melaka Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam said more than 130 participants, including 10 foreign riders, would participate in the various categories in the championship.

"This championship will place Melaka in the world map for endurance horse riding event," he told reporters after visiting the Hang Jebat Stadium to see preparations being made for the event today.

On preparations for the 13th Malaysian Games (SUKMA), which Melaka is hosting next year, Mohd Ali said contractors involved in building the venues for the various events, like swimming pool, had been told to get them completed according to schedule.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Calling All Entreprenuers in Melaka

MELAKA, April 4 (Bernama) --

The Melaka government is inviting companies involve in halal industries to invest at the state's halal hub, which is being developed on a 175.01 hectare site in Serkam near here.
Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam said so far, four companies had set up operations at the halal hub, involving investments of RM55.4 million.

"Of the total area (175.01 ha), 43.59 hectares is still open for interested companies to set up their factories," he told reporters after launching a Halal Carnival at the Melaka International Trade Centre, Ayer Keroh here, Saturday.

A total of 130 entrepreneurs from all over the country are taking part in the three-day carnival which open yesterday.Mohd Ali also called on more bumiputera entrepreneurs to venture into halal industries, adding that their participation was still small compared with non-bumiputera entrepreneurs.

Meanwhile, Mohd Ali said the Melaka Islamic Religious Council (MAIM) would consider a request by Brand Haven Sdn Bhd to buy an incinerator to dispose copies of Quran which were wrongly printed or those published without the Home Ministry's approval.
Currently, there were 10,000 copies of the Quran, which were collected from mosques in the state, awaiting to be disposed off, he added.He said the incinerator, costing RM650,000 and developed by the company in collaboration with an expert from Universiti Kuala Lumpur, was manufactured in Indonesia.

He suggested that the Islamic Development Department (Jakim) to also buy the incinerator, which is equipped with the latest technology to trap all the ashes.-- BERNAMA

Xian (China) Trade Show Success.

April 07, 2009 19:07 PM

Good Outing For Malaysians At Xian Trade Show

By Tham Choy Lin XIAN, April 7 (Bernama) --

The ongoing annual trade fair in China's central Shaanxi province has several Malaysian entrepreneurs beaming as wide as from Kuala Lumpur to this ancient Silk Road city.

Offers of distributorship and sales have poured in for Malaysian-made snacks, juices beverages, among the products brought by a group of 28 companies taking part in the annual 13th Investment and Trade Forum for Cooperation between East and West China.

They are part of a delegation headed Entrepreneur and Cooperative Development Ministry deputy secretary-general Datuk Mohd Hashim Abdullah to the trade show for the second year.The brimming enthusiasm will likely lead to a pro-tem joint chamber of commerce between Malaysia and Shaanxi to be formed within the week here.

The suggestion was mooted by Mohd Hashim in his meeting with Shaanxi commerce director Li Xuemei on Sunday.Paisley Global Marketing Sdn Bhd is already in talks with a Xian distributor and is targeting to ship its first batch of snacks, including curry puffs, cassava chips and roti canai, pickled fish and roselle juice by August.

"We are very happy with the response here, we brought six products here and the agent we shortlisted wants all six.

We are talking of bringing in five million standing sachets of roselle juice a year to test the markets in northern Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia," said general manager Mohamed Shariff Abu Bakar.He said the company would be looking at RM400,000 in sales a month for a start if the plan goes well.Noni juice producer Ramli Yunus, however, is not toting up any figures yet because he has to return home to ramp up the supply of the fruit known locally as "mengkudu".

"But the trip is a complete success. The Chinese are very excited about our product, they told me it is cheaper than buying from the United States," said the chairman of Koperasi Pembangunan Ekonomi Kawasan Tumpat Bhd.

Ramli expects to hit the Chinese market in a year's time with the "2Park" brand of fruit juice, named similar in sound to the Kelantanese dialect for Tumpat.His supply is limited by the shortage of mengkudu.

It takes five kilograms to produce a litre of juice."Tumpat now has 700,000 mengkudu trees and by 2013, we hope to have 1.5 million by convincing the villagers of its economic value. We now buy 50 sen per kg of fruit," he said.

The cooperative currently produces 15,000 litres a month of which two-thirds are exported to South Korea.Batu Caves-based Coffee Omega (M) Sdn Bhd handled more than 10 buyers in first two days of the fair and expects to send a 40-foot container in two months.

China will be the latest overseas market for the company after Lebanon, Bahrain and Brunei, said chief executive officer Muhamad Latifi Hashim.

"We are also exporting to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait soon. But China will be a different market because it is very large compared to the other countries and sales should be faster," he said.

"But we also have to sort out the language problems for us to communicate better," he added.

Coffee Omega makes four types of instant blend of Red Yeast Coffee, Fibre Coffee, Black Cumin Coffee and Tongkat Ali Cappucino.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Malacca Beckons!

Malacca of Yore & Malacca of Lore...

When Melaka once was the greatest port in the south east asian region, she used to attract the attention of the Chinese, the Portuguese, the Dutch, the British and the Thais for all manner of trade and commerce......
Nowadays, however, it seems everyone wants a part of her. Part of the allure are her green attractions(Flora & Fauna), great shopping and delicious local/asian food.

Lets say you decide to begin your adventure in Ayer Keroh, the Gateway to Melaka.
A word to the wise, plan to spend at least a full day here to get your quota of fresh air, calming lakes and greener-than-green trees! Ayer Keroh is where all the wild - life is !

The Melaka Zoo, a recreational forest, Mini Malaysia, a Crocodile cun Theme Farm, a Book Village located within a secondary forest; Malaysian themed resorts; these are just a part of Ayer Keroh's attractions. Look around and you might just find something else (bullock cart rides, a butterfly farm, gardens of a 1000 flowers,a go-cart track and more.....)

The Historical Melaka City is only a 35 minutes drive from Ayer Keroh. Being a Historical State, Melaka naturally boasts of many sites that take you back to the days when trade & commerce flourished,cannons boomed, ships of bounty sank and bloody land wars were fought.

The Portuguese Fort remnants( AFamosa), the Christ Church, the Dutch Stadhuys, Princess Hang Li Poh's well, Hang Jebat's warrior mausoleum, museums, mosques, temples, & the ancestral houses of Babas and Nyonyas (the Straits born Chinese), and also, quaint Malay homes fill almost every corner of Melaka with a tale or two to tell.

But we won't spoil if for you; look, listen and ask around.

Sometimes the people you meet on the narrow streets turn out to be the best guides.

If history is not your cup of tea, leave it all behind and look ahead. Melaka is a delicious mixture of the old and new, with some of the best beaches, art galleries, resorts, golf courses and of course, antiques shops in the country.

REMINDER: One good way to see almost everything is to leave your car behind and hop aboard a trishaw. They may be a little slow and laid back but trishaws are FUN, FUN, FUN!

You get to see EVERYTHING , go past SLOWLY, feel the wind in your hair and get the nice man to stop for a cold bowl of Melaka's famous cendol.( a local savoury desert)

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