Monday, May 11, 2009

Morning Meeting (11.05.2009) in Seri Bendahara.Melaka

Morning FaithFull Readers,
Attached are pictures for your viewing pleasure of MTA's meeting held with the Chief Minister Of Melaka,
Y. A. B. Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam, on the morning of 11.05.2009 held in his Official Residence in Seri Bendahara, Gapam, Melaka.

The EXCO members pre3sent to this meeting of minds were remindful of the many developmental projects the current administration has brought to this Fair city of ours and expressed the gratitude and humble thanks of the business sector, in particular, those of our members to the Y.A.B. in attaining the success that is Melaka today.

The Exco also stressed the importance of working hand in hand with the State in matters related to the 12 tourism sub sectors in Melaka and in tandem with our proposal, The CM has graciously recommended the MTA into the local municipal council Transport sub division meets.

In closing, MTA will further persue for the betterment of the local business environment through mutual co-operation with the State Administration in showcasing more members facilities and products , and at the same time initiate with members the most up-to -date information the Administration has for local businesess through such mutual dialogues.

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