Friday, May 29, 2009

Upeh Island,Melaka

The tiny island of Upeh is located near Klebang town in Malacca. During the World War II, it was used as a scouting point for invading ships in the Straits of Malacca. Also the island was often a nesting ground for pirates. Of course, the pirates have now long been cleaned out, and today, Pulau Upeh is a peaceful getaway for locals and tourists. There is even a resort and water-sport facilities are available.

Visitors can also visit an ancient well and view relics from World War Two scattered around the island. Other attractions include the British Memorial Mast, an old well and other sea and island related World War II relics. Family-run air-conditioned chalets are available for overnight accommodations.

Water sports facilities like canoeing, winding-surfing, jet-skiing are provided for a fee.

To get there, catch a 45-minute boat ride from either the Shahbandar jetty or the jetty behind the State Tourist Information Centre.

Today, the island is one of the few sites in the west coast that has regular turtle sightings. Here you can observe the golden hawksbill turtles and their breeding habits on the beaches. Most attractive about Pulau Upeh is that it doubles up as a sanctuary for nesting Hawksbills, one of the rarest species of sea turtles.

During the egg-laying season between March and June, visitors can come here to catch a glimpse of Hawksbills coming on the beach to nest.

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