Monday, August 31, 2009

Good morning all,

Today is MERDEKA Day for all Malaysians! This day of Indepence was achieved 52 years ago with much passion and honor for the glory and emancipation of self rule.


For half a century, the sacrifices of thousands if not millions of former Malaysians of all walks of life has ensured the safety and sanctity of generations of Malaysians irrespective of Color, Creed or Communion.


In celebrating this auspicious date, which this year falls on the HOLY MONTH OF RAMADAN,(In the past few days since the Muslim fasting month started), many an invite had I received to partake with my muslim friends and brothers in their break of Fast.

Noting that it be merely another occasion to feast and be in the company of GOOD FOOD for me and my family, I also realize with humbleness in my hearts that for my muslim brethrens it be a time of self recollection for them………..of confronting adversity and of understanding hunger and pain and more importantly …………. of taking control of humanly emotions.

One of the terms of reference of the Muslim ibadah /faith , I’ve been explained, is to experience the hunger and suffering of the poor.

It is meant for the followers to take time and reflect on where they are, where they are going and whether they have the correct aptitude and moral courage for life on this earth.

While some of us are now approaching an age and time where the little body aches and bone pains manifest ( themselves )constantly, and as we become much more aware of the physical, mental and emotional pain and sufferings in life, let us pray and hope for man to be able to face life's adversities with courage and dignity , in a way that befits our calling...

To digress, allow me to share with you, dear readers, the thought and writings of the controversial Lebanese poet Khalil Gibran who once wrote:

O love, whose lordly hand

Has bridled my desires,

And raised my hunger and my thirst

To dignity and pride,

Let not the strong in me and the constant

Eat the bread or drink the wine

That tempt my weaker self.

Let me rather starve,

And let my heart parch with thirst,

And let me die and perish,

Ere I stretch my hand

To a cup you did not fill,

Or a bowl you did not bless

I take this opportunity to wish "Selamat Berpuasa" to all my Muslim brethren near and far.



Monday, August 24, 2009

Tourism Malaysia to leverage on World Heritage sites status
By Marina Emmanuel
Published: 2009/08/24

TOURISM Malaysia is ready to leverage on the heritage listing status accorded by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) to Penang and Malacca to attract more foreign retirees to participate in the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) programme. Tourism Malaysia board of directors member Datuk Kee Phaik Cheen said Australia and Europe - where heritage conservation efforts are widely promoted - would serve as target markets. "Dilapidated pre-war houses in George Town and Malacca have great potential as second homes and the MM2H participants can restore these properties to their former glory while adding in modern-day comforts," she told Business Times. Last July, George Town and Malacca became World Heritage sites which were recognised by Unesco for their cultural heritage qualities.

Penang for example is home to Southeast Asia's largest collection of pre-war buildings estimated at over 15,000 structures.
Kee, who recently led a MM2H delegation to Sydney, Melbourne and Perth in Australia, said that from the feedback she had obtained from successful MM2H participants, an average cost of RM1 million is incurred by a participant of the programme via pre- and post-purchase expenses in Malaysia.
"This also includes air fares for repeated travel between their home country and Malaysia, before they finally decide on making Malaysia their second home, the amount they invest in property, tax-free cars and the transfer of funds into local banks for their daily living expenses," she added.
Between 2002 and 2008, Malaysia has welcomed a total of 12,566 participants of the MM2H.
The top 10 countries these participants hail from are Australia, Bangladesh, China, South Korea, Iran, Pakistan, Japan, Sri Lanka, Singapore and the UK.
MM2H allows foreigners who fulfil certain criteria, to stay in Malaysia for as long as possible on a multiple-entry social visit pass. The social visit pass is initially for a period of 10 years, and is renewable.
Kee said apart from promoting the historic value of old properties to potential MM2H investors, Tourism Malaysia also continues to assist property developers and real estate agents throughout Malaysia when promoting the programme overseas."Affluent people overseas looking for second homes," she noted, "are also interested in houses by the sea, condominiums and summer houses like bungalows.
"But the value of the Unesco heritage listing is something we intend to push by promoting inner city living and enjoying our culture, while using the restoration of dilapidated buildings as a hobby and investment to the MM2H participants," Kee added.
She said apart from promoting the restoration and conservation of heritage houses in Malaysia,
Tourism Malaysia has also been using these selling points for the MM2H scheme:
* the absence of a waiting list for medical treatment and procedures, unlike that in developing countries
* low-cost living with high living standards,
* extended family programmes for participants by offering vacation sites in Malaysia, and
* the safety factor.
"We are also telling potential participants that they can use Malaysia as a hub for doing business with China, India and the Middle East," she added.

Sunday, August 9, 2009




Kategori-kategori Anugerah :


Anugerah ini mengiktiraf hotel dan resort yang berjaya memberikan mutu perkhidmatan yang cemerlang dari segi layanan yang diberikan kepada tetamu. Terdapat lima anugerah di bawah kategori ini :·

5 bintang·

4 bintang·

3 bintang·

2 bintang ke bawah dan Bajet·

Resort/ChaletKriteria Penghakiman·

Keseluruhan kualiti perkhidmatan dan kemudahan yang ditawarkan seperti dalam aspek bilik, sambutan, reka bentuk hotel, makanan dan minuman, hiburan serta lain-lain kemudahan.


Anugerah ini adalah untuk mengiktiraf pengusaha pelancongan yang mempunyai rekod cemerlang dalam memasar dan mempromosikan Negeri Melaka samada domestik atau inbound.

Kriteria Penghakiman· Menawarkan pakej yang mempunyai nilai untuk wang (value for money’s worth)· Rangkaian penjualan dan kewibawaan perkhidmatan yang ditawarkan· Kecergasan dalam penjualan pakej kepada pelancong domestik dan asing.· Sumbangan dalam mempromosikan pakej baru dan menarik


Anugerah ini mengiktiraf program homestay yang berjaya menaikkan imej Melaka sebagai sebuah tarikan berteraskan budaya negara.Kriteria Penghakiman· Populariti, kebersihan, pengendalian tarikan· Jenis kemudahan /aktiviti yang disediakan· Mempunyai unsur berteraskan kebudayaan dan adat resam Malaysia / Melaka


Anugerah ini mengiktiraf produk / tarikan pelancongan terbaik, samada buatanmanusia atau semulajadi, yang berjaya meningkatkan imej Melaka sebagai satudestinasi pelancongan. Terdapat lima anugerah di bawah kategori ini:· Rumah Tradisional· Agro-tourism· Health Tourism· Rekreasi· Muzium / GaleriKriteria Penghakiman· Daya cipta dalam meningkatkan produk· Maklumbalas daripada pengunjung· Pengendalian tarikan


Anugerah ini mengiktiraf pemandu pelancong yang terbaik. Semua pemandu pelancong yang berdaftar di Melaka adalah layak untuk dicalonkan dengan mengemukakan keterangan bagi menyokong pencalonan. Surat-surat kepujian (jika ada) hendaklah disertakan.Kriteria Penghakiman· Kebolehan berkomunikasi dan perhubungan awam· Kefasihan bahasa· Pengetahuan mengenai produk· Kebolehan menarik perhatian para pelancong


Anugerah ini mengiktiraf restoran-restoran yang memberi sumbangan positif dalam melambangkan imej Melaka yang berkemampuan untuk menyediakan tempat makanan yang bersih dan makanan yang enak-enak.

Terdapat lapan anugerah di bawah kategori ini:·

Restoran Melayu •

Restoran Portugis·

Restoran Cina •

Restoran India.

Hotel Outlet terbaik·

Restoran Peranakan

Café & Bistro·

Best of the Best

Kriteria Penghakiman·

Nilai untuk wang· Kualiti makanan· Perhiasan dan suasana keliling· Hiburan dan layanan· &

Daya cipta promosi


Anugerah ini memberi pengiktirafan kepada pusat beli-belah dan peruncit yang memberikan sumbangan dan sokongan kepada usaha Negeri Melaka dalam menjadikan Melaka sebagai syurga membeli-belah.

Terdapat satu anugerah dalam kategori ini:·

Gedung/Kompleks beli-belah

Kriteria Penghakiman: Aktiviti promosi,· Keunikan peragaan tingkap (window display)·

Pilihan barang dagangan· Kualiti perkhidmatan· Keselamatan· Kebersihan dan kemudahan· Harga yang menarik

8. Sila merujuk kepada garis panduan kriteria

Anugerah Pelancongan Negara 2008/2009

(National Tourism Award 2008/2009):

Tourism Malaysia website:

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Press Release
Final Countdown for Melaka Tourism Awards 2009
(Anugerah Pelancongan Melaka 2009)

The final countdown is on for tourism businesses in
the beautiful State of Melaka to enter and be recognized with the Bi- Annual Melaka Tourism Awards.

Cafe; Hotels; Restaurants; Tourism Attractions, and other Tourism related service providers have another opportunity this year (end) to get their businesses recognized and awarded by their Industry peers.

This grand effort is lead by The Malacca Tourism Association (MTA) with the indulgence and guidance of the Melaka State Tourism Bodies towards raising the tourism profile of associated tourism sectors responsible for driving the region’s tourism business here in Melaka.

Designed to recognize and reward the tourism players here, these awards are open to businesses in all the 12 sub sectors within the Industry. A total of 23 award categories spanning all areas of the industry’s growing visitor economy and include Appreciation Awards for Lead Government Agencies, & Special Tourism Award for Outstanding Individual Effort (Tokoh Pelancongan Melaka); Awards for Large and Small Hotels, Visitor Attractions and Awards for Excellence in Tourist Guiding which is aimed at those services and sectors that are working hard to maximize their positive impact on the increase in tourism activity within Melaka.

Mdm Madelina Kuah, MTA’s Organizing Chair for The Anugerah Pelancongan Negeri Melaka is encouraging businesses to gain recognition for their work.
“This awards are given out irrespective whether you are a MTA member or not. If you are delivering excellence you shouldn’t be shy to shout about it. These awards are all about recognizing the growing quality of tourism in the State of Melaka and rewarding those who, by going the extra mile, are providing a high quality benchmark to which all can aspire. This independent recognition of quality the Anugerah Pelancongan Melaka give which is evaluated by Tourism Industry leaders provides an excellent marketing platform from which to secure even greater success.”

Businesses will find out who has been crowned and recognized by the awards judges at a glittering ceremony in November 13th, 2009 at the Equatorial Hotel, Melaka which will be graced by The Governor and Chief Minister of Melaka. These winners will then have the chance to be forwarded to the National Level awards, where they will go head to head with winners from all over Malaysia

Businesses interested in self submission for the Anugerah Pelancongan Negeri Melaka should contact the Malacca Tourism Association at:

MTA: 06 2848234
Mdm Madelina Kuah: 019 6657221
Mr. T Chuan: 016 6417887
En. Saari Basiron: 017 6057466

Note to readers: There is still time to self nominate or be nominated in this prestigious AWARD CEREMONY NIGHT. NOMINATIONS WILL BE OPEN TILL 10th August 2009:

Award categories for the 2009 Anugerah Pelancongan Negeri Melaka are:

Hotel 5 Bintang Terbaik
Hotel 4 Bintang Terbaik
Hotel 3 Bintang Terbaik
Hotel 2 Bintang & Bajet Terbaik
Resort dan Chalet Terbaik
Pengusaha HomeStay Terbaik
Pengalaman Membeli – Belah Terbaik
Produk/Tarikan Pelancongan Terbaik :
- Rumah Tradisional
- Agro- Tourism
- Health-Tourism
- Tempat Rekreasi
- Muzium / Gallery.
Restoran Terbaik :
- Masakan Melayu
- Masakan Cina
- Masakan India
- Masakan Peranakan
- Café / Bistro
- Hotel Outlet
- Anugerah “Best of the Best”
Perkhidmatan Pemandu Pelancong Terbaik
12 Sub Sektor Pelancongan Terbaik (Excellence Awards)
Anugerah Khas (Tokoh Pelancongan Melaka)
Anugerah keseluruhan 10 Sub Sektor Terbaik.

That is all for now,Folks!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Southern Region News
August 01, 2009 19:12 PM

M'sia's Biggest Bowling Alley Starts Operations

MELAKA, Aug 1.

The Melaka International Bowling Centre (MIBC), reputed to be the biggest bowling alley in the country, started operations Saturday.

Built at the cost of RM25 million at the Melaka International Trade Centre (MITC) in Ayer Keroh, it was opened by Melaka Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam.
Speaking to reporters after the opening, he said the 52-lane purpose-built bowling alley would be managed by Benua Aspirasi Sdn Bhd.

He said the MIBC would host the 45th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup in November.
The MIBC can serve as a training centre to produce world-class players and promote Melaka as a major bowling centre, he said.

"We hope more youths would take up bowling and stay away from unhealthy activities," he added.

Owned by Bowlplex Sdn Bhd, a state government subsidiary, the bowling alley is equipped with QubicaAMF bowling machines costing RM8.26 million and housed a cafeteria, retail outlets and a surau.


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