Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dear All,

Welcome to 2010 !

The Malacca Tourism Association has had a hectic year (what with our mid year Macau Good Will Trips & end year Tourism Awards selections night!) and we now look forward to a robust, challenging and enterprising 2010.

It has been an interesting year , to say the least and this new year has taken off to a good start with many shops and businesses enjoying the Lively roar of the Tiger, during the first few days of the New Year (although, the Tiger year only officially starts mid Feb!)

Many new visitors and repeat visitors to this fair city would have noticed by now the multitude and myriad changes within the City of Melaka ; be it through facilities, infrastucture or services.

Hopefully, the pace and changes will remain even through out the year for the prosperity and business liveliness to be enjoyed by all.

Being a Historical City and one recognised as a Unesco heritage site no doubt will assist us to achieve the tourism figures and vis-a-vis, economic uplift for all.

The bug bear we no doubt have to look out for , i suppose, would naturally be the short term / mid term impact of the Opening of the Integrated Resorts in Singapore.

With only 1.5 % of Sheldon's Sands Casino Singapore development built up to be concentrated towards the Gaming and Casino markets , with the rest of the real estate targetting the MICE,Entertainment & High Value F/B operations, the Value Added Tourist will definately be prone towards those not too distant shores.

The plans to have Asia's first Universal Theme park in Genting's Integrated casino should also be a cause for concern.

Most of our hoteliers had not felt the heat as not many were overly dependent on MICE activities, although, using KLCC 's MiCE teams as a talking point, their innovative and FCMG style of marketing was (and still is) a bane to this City attracting and scoring in that sector.

Adding to all this are the new challenges coming from down south, and the seasonal cheap air tickets to China,Vietnam & Thailand from the Budget Airlines and Melaka in 2010 looks set to earn her stripes,..economically speaking.

Like i said originally, It's going to be an iiinteresting year ahead,folks.

But rest assured, here at MTA, we look forward to informing all and yonder the best and tastiest treats this city has to offer, through the offering of all her members and associates!

Till then, Hearty and warm Wishes for One and For All!

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