Friday, March 19, 2010

An allegory of today by Gunabalan


This morning the sun shone bright as usual,
Bird’s chirped, warm were the breeze blowing,
Yesterday's troubles were laid to rest;
but they awoke afresh, to blunder yet forward another day.

And this afternoon the sun shone bright as usual,
Birds chirped in the still, the heat mind blowing
for man's travails there was no respite, despite his best intentions to walk a mile in the others producing nought but drowning sorrows ; mind numbing bellows and burning fellows

Suddenly up front and center, the day's end is near
flustered, blustered and bruised
but with just enough energy
to brew another day's tale,

 Art they say, often imitates life
truth be told nobody gives a hoot
neither the uncouth nor the turn coat
Time erases all men’s collusion into oblivion.

Let us not kid ourselves, to conserve those that deserve
for we know half of our kin and kith, we mainly choose to preserve
half as well the relations as we should and we trust less than half of the nerves
half as well as they deserve with the edicts and depleted treasures of our life’s relics

simple truths and deceptive rues
reminders of broken rules
for the confluence of wise; evades all rumbling rubes
as the sun’s rays shines brightly on our life’s plight and misrules.


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