Thursday, March 11, 2010

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Asia Cruise Association invites agents to be members


Travel agents and tour operators hoping to get in on the action in the fast-growing Asian cruise industry and enhance their cruise product expertise can now join Asia Cruise Association (ACA).

The Singapore-based association, established on October 23, 2008 by Costa Cruises, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Silversea and Star Cruises to promote the growth of the Asian cruise industry, has now opened membership to all businesses and organisations involved in the cruise industry.

Travel agents pay a US$100 one-time entrance fee and a US$300 annual fee for associate membership. With these, they get to enjoy two complimentary training modules, in addition to other member benefits such as recognition by cruise lines, publicity on ACA platforms and participation in ACA joint promotion programmes and events, such as forums, dialogues and networking sessions with fellow members and trade partners.

An ACA spokesperson said cruise line members will be encouraged to partner fellow members when appointing business partners or service providers.

To help the trade hone its leisure cruising expertise, ACA plans to organise at least two training sessions for members in the first year and three or four in subsequent years. The training programme will focus on the benefits of cruising, sales and marketing of cruise packages, and cruise product knowledge.A forum for members to discuss market issues is being planned for this year. Participation fees will be announced later.

Other businesses or corporations such as tourism boards, groundhandlers and port authorities can join ACA as an associate member for a US$500 one-time entrance fee and US$3,000 annual fee. Ordinary membership for cruise operators in Asia costs US$5,000 annually on top of a US$1,000 one-time entrance fee. – Karen Yue

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