Sunday, April 18, 2010

Malacca of Yore & Malacca of Lore...

When Melaka once was the greatest port in the south east asian region, she used to attract the attention of the Chinese, the Portuguese, the Dutch, the British and others for all manner of trade and commerce......

Nowadays, however, it seems everyone wants a part of her. Part of the allure are her green attractions(Flora & Fauna), great shopping and delicious local/asian food.

Let’s say you decide to begin your adventure in Ayer Keroh, the Gateway to Melaka.

A word to the wise, plan to spend at least a full day here to get your quota of fresh air, calming lakes and greener-than-green trees! Ayer Keroh is where all the wild - life is !
The Melaka Zoo, a recreational forest, Mini Malaysia, a Crocodile cum Theme Farm, a Book Village located within a secondary forest; a garden with 1000 flowers; Malaysian stylized themed resorts; these are just a part of Ayer Keroh's attractions. Look around and you might just find something else ( a splendid lake view, bullock cart rides, a butterfly farm, a go-cart track and more.....)

The Historical Melaka City is only a 35 minutes drive from Ayer Keroh. Being a Historical State, Melaka naturally boasts of many sites that take you back to the days when trade & commerce flourished, cannons boomed, ships of bounty sank and bloody land wars were fought.

The Bukit Beruang – Ayer Keroh highway’s commercial and residential areas in the evenings are a must visit if you enjoy beautifully lighted up streets, parks, and leisurely walks on wide boulevards. Within the inner residential areas you will find an abundant source of Local,International & traditional Asian street fare being offered within the sanctum santorum of the residential Taman’s that is quite mouth watering and easy on the wallet.

In the city herself ,the Portuguese Fort remnants( A Famosa), the Christ Church, the Dutch Stadhuys, Princess Hang Li Poh's well, Hang Jebat's warrior mausoleum, museums, mosques, temples, & the ancestral houses of Babas and Nyonyas (the Straits born Chinese), and also, quaint Malay homes fill almost every corner of Melaka with a tale or two to tell. The revived and revised Malacca River is now a lover’s paradise in the evenings as you stroll along the gantry and pavements relishing the wishful sights and sounds of Melaka.
But we won't spoil if for you; look, listen and ask around. Sometimes the people you meet on the narrow streets turn out to be the best guides.If history is not your cup of tea, leave it all behind and look ahead. Melaka is a delicious mixture of the old and new, with some of the best beaches, art galleries, resorts, golf courses and of course, antiques shops in the country.

You get to see EVERYTHING , if you go past SLOWLY, feel the wind in your hair and get the nice man driving you to stop for a cold bowl of Melaka's famous cendol.( a local savoury desert)

REMINDER: One good way to see almost everything is to leave your car behind and hop aboard a trishaw. They may be a little slow and laid back but trishaws are FUN, FUN, FUN!

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