Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Malaccan Dessert

In Melaka, shaved-ice dessert known as cendol is a Malaysia-wide favorite, but Melaka's cendol is odten regarded to be the best in the country.

Another all time local favorite is sago gula melaka.This dessert made from sago pearls is found in almost all nyonya restaurants, malay homes and hotels in Melaka.Sago Gula Melaka is a very popular soft dessert in Melaka. You can see it in almost every traditional function, such as parties, wedding reception, gathering, or school parties.

Chiffon Cakes can be bought at almost all pasar malam areas ,i.e. Monday: Bukit Beruang,TamanMegah. Tuesday: Jonker street; Wednesday: Taman Kerjasama, Bukit Beruang; at al. In particular, the pandan and gula melaka chiffon cakes are really good!

This is a good intro desert to everyone, this cakes really taste's good !!
These are now selling in more than 5 types of flavour. Chocolate, Pandan, Green Tea,Durian & Orange layer cakes, at
a price o
f RM 7 a slice.

Delicious Local Cakes: Putu Piring
A hawker works feverishly, making cottony soft "Putu Piring" or traditional Malay rice cakes on conical cup steamers in Jonker St, Melaka. When I think of Putu Piring, i think of a warm, circular disc encasing a heady dollop of grated coconut and gula melaka. This is heaven for a couple of Malaysian cents. The cakes here taste better than the ones found in Singapore as good Gula Melaka is more available here.

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