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Melaka Grilled Fish

By Mohamad Bakri Darus

MELAKA,  (Bernama) -- Many will drool when they hear of the delicious 'ikan bakar', the grilled fish that is popular in the Malay cuisine.

And probably Melaka is the best place to savour this delicacy as there is a number of locations by the seaside serving fresh seafood - fish, shrimp, crab, squid and shellfish - grilled over mangrove charcoal.

The Floating Ikan Bakar Village in Umbai, the ikan bakar square at Pengkalan Pernu, Sungai Duyung and Anjung Batu, and the ikan bakar restaurant in Kuala Sungai Baru are the places to savour this tantalizing offering.

 The grilled fish can be eaten with white rice or the 'nasi lemak' wrapped in banana leaf along with other dishes.

As these grilled fish outlets are located along the coastline facing the Strait of Melaka, diners are set to be serenaded by the soft roar of the waves and the rustling sound of the wind that al combine into a wonderful dining experience.

To wet their throat, they have multiple choice of drinks - sugar cane, coconut and fresh fruit juices.


A grilled fish outlet operator in Pengkalan Pernu, Jalaludin Said noted that many people patronized his shop as the seafood offered is fresh and they can choose what they want.

"Most love the jenahak, siakap and pari (sting ray) to be grilled other than the squid, crab and shellfish...with about 100 kg of seafood offered daily," he told Bernama here, recently.

 "Seafood like the shrimps and crabs available here are fresh and when grilled they can please even the hardest palette, especially after dipping into the soy sauce," said a seafood lover, Noraini Hamid, 40, when met at the ikan bakar square at Pengkalan Pernu.

She added that it tastes great when eaten with the nasi lemak.

The locations in Melaka offering grilled fish are crowded especially during the school holidays and it is certainly the place to make a stopover for visitors to Melaka.

There are also organisations that opt for this grilled fish outlets to hold dinner events.

While enjoying their meal, visitors can view the fishing boats anchored at the estuary.

Many who come here also take the opportunity to snap pictures with the estuary and the anchored boats as the background.

Also, from the wooden jetty one can watch young and old fishermen mending their nets or getting ready to go to the sea at night.

Further into the horizon, the sight of merchant ships crossing the Strait of Melaka, the world's busiest shipping route, and the setting sun provides an alluring panorama.

"As for me and my family from Kuala Lumpur, the panorama of the setting sun is mesmerizing," said Nor Fazliana Abdul Rahman, 35, who came with her husband, Rohaizat Sulaiman, 36, and their five children when met at the grilled fish square in Pernu.


Looking at the good potential for the grilled fish business, the West Melaka Area Fishermen's Association (PNKMB) has opened a resort, a grilled fish restaurant and a fresh fish market in Kuala Sungai Baru, Masjid Tanah.

According to the General Manager of PNKMB Kamarudin Yusoh, the seafood offered at the association's grilled fish outlet and at the fresh fish market is supplied by about 450 fishermen who are members of the association.

He said the seafood served at the grilled fish outlets is based on the concept `kampung recipe seafood' and added that they are ready to cook according to the customer's requirement.

"There are many ways of doing it like wrap and grill, grill until dry, sweet and sour, fried by dipping into flour, fried with chili, fried with turmeric, fried in butter, soups, cooked in three taste, and the asam pedas (sour and spicy)," he said adding that the other offerings are 'tauhu sumbat', 'otak-otak' and satay.


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