Thursday, April 22, 2010


How very curious.

Recently all the men I know are becoming far more obsessed with their health than ever. More than their fathers and grandfathers ever were.

Me, I grew up in a cloud of petrol, tobacco and cigar smoke, as my dad and uncles smoked, wined, dined and whored themselves into their grave.

Now men are more likely to be killed by overdoing the cardiovascular exercise bikes.

There was a time not long ago,that a small protruding belly for the men was passage of comfort & pride to be carried nonchalantly as the mark of time and adulthood into asian society.Now it's a sign for every jane,sue and allen out there to corall you into buying their "health products" or worse yet, used as a social crutch at your expense.

It probably started out innocently enough and with good motives, these intentions to have others look slim, groomed & neat;and mirror images of the youthful models pictured in those magazines people buy but somewhere down the line these well meanings have turned horrible as society started taking the fake and doctored pictures as a possible reality for their family, pets and even friends.

Now these ideas of what the modern man should look like has perpetuated a society so deep out of reality that even my fish grocer is into "pores cleaning" and " anti wrinkle creams" !

Not that he shouldn't, mind you. But such is peer pressure nowdays that it seems the idea that started with every man being healthy and slim has commercially transformed quite naturally into the idea of being a dandy and loving it.

This is what you get when the world is at peace and society is thriving. More Dandified Men.

Look, the very idea of being well groomed and healthy is fine & applaudable with me but you're pushing it when men are pressured by all manner of insidious advertising and promotions to look like the actors and young models on the telly. That's a pipe dream girly, cause age and time waits on no man and those farts ,warts,and wobbly butts are just gonna get worse and head south as you age.

No cream, dream, scream or trampoline is gonna change that. Though an ice cream done occasionally for him might not hurt!

Scribed by Gunabalan


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