Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Unlike any great (t)art, great cuisine comes from the heart and is fueled by passion. When well executed, it visualizes a feast for the senses that thrills with promises of yet to come galore and the glory of gumption.
In Malaccan culture, the mixing of different races and spices enables this noblest of efforts to produce miracles in her kitchens and cafes and restaurants. The ubiquitous Laksa is the off spring of such a local efforts. Do not be surprise to note that such is the potency and flavor of this fusion dish that all the races in Melaka have their own version of it. From the Malays to the Chitty's to the Chinese, as you traverse the kitchens, the tell tale  sights and smells that wafts through and greets you tell tales of promised gluttony and gobbled savouries.

Melaka's Nyonya Laksa in particular is fantabulous if you're searching for an epiphany of  visually striking colors, sweltering tongues greedily gobbling the next spoonful of it's heaven inducing broth in your food all done with the promise of an early coronary attack.The  seductive, tasty attraction of this  piping hot coconut milk laced noodle broth /sauce is legendary. Laced with the right amount of  local noodles, seafood, ingredients and spices, this  bowl of artery blocking, mouth watering, eye smarting concoction is a blessing for all those who crave spicy asian fast food.

In Melaka, you can have this broth almost everywhere in town but i prefer the ones specially prepared by the aged aunties and uncles in pushcarts as they traverse the weather beaten lanes and streets fronts off Jalan Bunga Raya in old Melaka as these would be the best flavored and original tasting types.

Having this Laksa here with old styled black coffee as a chaser will bring back memories for you (or at least make one if you haven't ever sweltered over a bowl of this tasty & fire alarm inducing bowl of noodles before.)
Simply lovely.

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