Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lazy Hazy Sundays.

At 7.00am today, as it was a gloriously bright and breezily fragrant Sunday morning that tempted everyone to scoot outside and enjoy the splendor of being alive,  amidst the stupor of a dream laden realization that the jogging trails, breakfast shops and other public areas would naturally be jammed full of teenagers, families and their little shop of terrors, I pulled the bed sheets tighter and fell back to my delightful slumber.

The little wife came home yesterday complaining that the jogging trail in Hutan Rekreasi Ayer Keroh was so full of people that the smell of the morning breeze was sweat flavored! Apparently , even the monkeys that reside in those little bitty of trees in that reserve forest think so as they were busy putting their paw prints unto the cars parked there in an extra effort to discourage more human trespassers, I suppose. Nature's ordinating it's borders,you think?

Feeling philosophically mellow, as the rigorous morning routine body functions were being observed, it hit me that the humble tooth paste had played a big part in the insidious growth of humans in the last 100 years. (Having written Humanity originally, the word was pulled back as even I realized the differences' between humans and humanity,eh?); It was in perspective a birth control method (that) our morning breath unknowingly created that helped suppress our over populated state currently what with the world having almost 6 Billion man and woman now and the risk of natural resources being worn thin seen as imminent by scientist worldwide.

Think about it, for ages man got along without the benefit of what we today take for granted as normal hygienic regimes. Only in those cultures that practiced these dental care and other hygienic care was the birth rate high. In most other nooks and crannies' of the world the population was all under reasonable numbers. Now however, with globalization and free market democracies the tooth paste and its ilk is usually made in Thailand factories, transported by german/ swiss/ japanese trucks to european bank funded ports and travels by sea /planes made god knows where to supermarkets/ hypermarkets run by British/Japanese management and money to the friendly neighborhoods where you purchase them .

Bam ! 1 year later the families grow bigger incrementally. Not a bad thing if taken singularly of course, but taken as a whole that adds up to a whole lotta resources and natural material usage. And all just because of something like toothpaste. Boggles the mind, doesn't it?

Well, lazy Sundays tend to do that to a man. It makes him think. Ouch.

Where that cup of Bolivian drip dried coffee when you need it?

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