Wednesday, June 9, 2010


It is tempting to scribble in that Melaka has very good food and exotic eating locales' but i suppose one has to be here and enjoy the ambiance with friends and family before one can fully vouch for that fact. So it was that a group of like minded people got together to celebrate the birthday of our associated friend and to bid adieu to another, who is being transferred to Hong Kong for the next 4 years with his family.

A few calls to the industry people and the suggestion of having dinner in Umbai (Ikan Bakar Jetty) was mooted and planned. Personally, it has been a few years since my last visit here.The place has undergone some drastic development and changes since i was last here in 2007. We were invited to have our dinner on a moored sampan that seats 20 pax and rejoiced with offer after offer of baked and grilled sea food until we had to ask the staff to stop feeding us any more or we would  burst :>

Buoyed by the evening breeze and the gentle lapping of the waves against the stern of the sampan,the warm camaraderie and fellowship while on board added and exemplified the evening proceedings we all enjoyed. The hot, mouth watering savories accompanying the grill sea food also top my list of excellence in food on  offer and attentive service.

With Coconut Fruits and drinks galore, the nasi lemak with ikan parang bakar dan sambal, tenggiri goreng masak sweet sour, sotong goreng, Ikan pari  (ada belacan tak?)dengan sos cili manis  dan Otak -otak and many many more dishes! 

Birthday wishes for the man of the moment with earnest blessings of many more to come.

Sedapnye, Makanlah lagi!

 3rd round of Shell fish, mussels and more grill fish :>

All in all, a very good evening of companion ship and camaraderie enjoyed by one and by all!.

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