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Ianya merupakan satu pengenalan aspek warisan negeri kepada Front Liners dan para pemain -pemain
bidang pelancongan di negeri Melaka ini.
Melaka sebagai Bandaraya Warisan Dunia merupakan pengiktirafan tertinggi yang diberikan oleh Pertubuhan Pendidikan,Sains dan Kebudayaan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu (UNESCO) kerana bandaraya ini terkenal dengan warisan dan sejarah nya yang terpelihara sejak 607 tahun dahulu

Dengan pengiktirafan ini maka Negeri Majmuk dan aman kita, Melaka telah maju setapak lagi dan berjaya meletakkan namanya yang harum di persada antarabangsa dunia, Pengiktirafan yang diterima ini juga berperanan memelihara warisan nyata dan tidak nyata yang sedia wujud di Melaka seperti monumen dan bangunan -bangunan bersejarah agar warisaan ini hidup sepanjang zaman.

Oleh yang demikian, pemeliharaan pengiktirafan ini merupakan salah satu daya tarikan kepada kedatangan pelancong dari luar negeri ke Melaka. Ianya juga berkesan dalam menjadikan Negeri Melaka sebagai wadah yang sangat istimewa dalam mengekalkan sosiobudaya yang harmoni antara kaum-kaum disini sebagai showcase study untuk para pengunjung.

Simposium yang dilansungkan ini bertujuan menjadi persediaan bagi menerima kunjungan pelancong, dan wajar di utamakan bagi semua Front Liner bidang pelancongan bagi memudahkan mereka memberi penjelasan dan pemahaman yang jelas dan tepat kepada tetamu kita mengenai Melaka.

Persatuan Pelancongan Melaka (MTA) menyambut baik adanya simposium sebegini diteruskan dengan melibatkan semua pekerja -pekerja Hotel, Restaurant dan Theme Park untuk melancarkan lagi penjualan produk pelancongan Melaka sebagai Bandar Warisan Dunia.






THERESA NG  012 2525018
RICHARD TAN 019 3172537
MR NGOH 012 3188755
AU KAIT 012 6018969


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Malacca Delicacies : Desserts & Pasar Malam Discoveries

Practically, on every street, you can see signboards at the shop front selling Baba Chendol & Laksa. It's only available in Malacca as the Chendol is topped with coconut milk and 'thick'
Gula Melaka syrup! MmmmMmmm... The Laksa as well! Oops... I mean the authenticity! 

We went to a dessert shop at Jonker Walk and it's full of antiques. The interior design retain 'the feel of the past'. Then, before visiting the historical sites, we went to try the malay style of Chendol...

See for yourself!
'The Stairs of Antiques'
The Interior Design
Opened Rooftop
Food here! Say cheese!
The Desserts
(from left: Tai Bak Ice, Baba Durian Chendol, Baba Chendol)

See the generous giving of Gula Melaka syrup on top! MmmMmmm..

Laksa! MmmMmm.... undescribable taste!

Finished up!

Malay Stall Selling Chendol
(located across the road of the historical sites)
* Adrian: "This stall has 70 years of history!"
See the ingredients & process of making it!
Our bowl of Chendol!

Adrian, Roy and Boon Kiat suggested we visit the Friday Pasar Malam. Look beyond!

Uncle preparing fried carrot cake by the roadside

Sale of Drinks
Sale of Fruits
Ice-Creams of Various Flavours
(it's not the creamy type that we normally have; it's the authentic type)
My cup of ice-cream with 4 flavours!
Sale of Raw Poultry!
(Strictly prohibited in Singapore!
Raw Meat must be kept in Refrigerators during sale to retain optimal freshness)
View of the Pasar Malam
Wow....Green Siew Mai?

Steamed Fishballs & Meatballs?
Century Egg Siew Mai
Do you see Crabmeat Siew Mai & Sushi Siew Mai?
More Assortment of Siew Mai! (only RM 3 for 7 siew mai of your choice!)
Curry Puffs & Taro Pastries
Mau Tou & Pau(s)/Buns
More Pau(s)/Buns
Kaya Ball
(it's just small ball of pancake exterior with kaya sauce inside)
Wow...the Many Different Flavours of Bubble Tea
More Flavours! Even got Jumbo Ice!
Sale of Hamsters?
Sale of Fishes?
Sale of Cards?
And! Sale of Waterbottles?
(can exchange if you have used and met with minor problems)
Multi-coloured Kuehs!

Drooling? And itched to shop? 
Melaka Focusing On Becoming Green State By 2020
MELAKA, July 23 (Bernama) -- Melaka is focusing on becoming a "green state" by 2020 after its aim to be a developed state is achieved by this Oct 10.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam said the state government would take full advantage of its green technology and become a state rich in flora and fauna within the next 10 years.

"We have embarked on several efforts such as the Solar Valley in Rembia for Melaka to become a 'green state'," he said after officiating at the Melaka-level Landscape Day celebration in Ayer Keroh, here Friday.

Mohd Ali said among the benefits to be derived would be the reduction of costs in the long term such as electricity-generation cost by 30 per cent if using renewable energy.

He said the people would also have cleaner and more comfortable surroundings with lots of greenery.

The chief minister stressed that green technology development and conservation of flora and fauna should go hand in hand. "For example, the construction of a hydro-electric dam should be carried out without destroying the flora and fauna in the area."

However, he said, such efforts had some difficulties, for example, the renewable energy technology could not fully meet the demand for power in the state and among the options thought about was using nuclear power.

Mohd Ali said the state government also targeted to plant 20,000 trees this year and up to June, 19,257 trees had been planted by four local authorities in the state.

He said the effort was part of the "city in a garden" concept and with the creation of more recreational parks, the people could engage in healthy activities, mingle and strengthen unity among themselves.


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An Invitation to an Evening of Pleasure & Business

The Marina Sands, in a week's time will be conducting their sales promotion in KL.
It will be interesting to see the new concepts and branding theme's that this world class team will bring to our corner of the earth. It will also be exciting to see 
these Las Vegas outfit's Corporate Social Responsibility efforts through their targeted / themematic sales programmes. I have asked my son Utheya to clear his schedule for this invite as it offers him a good market evaluation of a world class PR and Corporate Retail/Sales team at work.

Asia’s leading destination for business, leisure and entertainment
It is our pleasure to invite you to an exclusive dining event where you will experience all that Marina Bay Sands has to offer. Please join us for an intimate evening of networking, innovative ideas and exploration of business opportunities unique to our multi faceted destination.
     Date: Wed, 4 August 2010<br>     Venue: our Seasons Hotel<br>     155 Rajadamri Road,<br>  Bangkok 10330, Thailand<br>     6.30pm  Cocktail reception<br>     7.15pm Dinner commences<br>  Presentation<br>  Lucky draw<br>     9pm Event ends<br><br>     Complimentary self parking is available
Please RSVP by Thu, 29 July 2010 to or call +65 6688 3002
Please RSVP by Mon, 26 July 2010 to

As you can probably deduce from the above, we
malaccan's are spoilt nowdays with offers and promotions
that our bigger  city cousins  like KL & Singapore has
experienced for years. The Good Thing about this retail efforts by the Casinos
to solicit market control and introduce their own new products and life style sales
is that the retail sector has enable the moneyed people in the smaller towns
and cities now with more choices, places and options within 1.5 -2.5 hours
drive from Malacca. Taking  into consideration the vast amounts of money invested
on these properties, I foresee our malaccan economic contribution to these life style
products to increase in the foreseeable future,along with the myriad down
stream opportunities that will manifest i.e more of our young working for these
properties, earning and expanding the middle income group within the smaller towns
and cities within a 3 hour flight zone from s'pore & m'sia and eventually more curious
manifestations of economic and knowledge based endeavors borne out of plain,
simple business acumen.
Of course the flip side of the coin is more marginalization of the
disenfranchised; the poorly educated; the slow to catch on and the weak.
Basically, more shit will happen through new avenues for the down trodden.
Businesses that cannot compete, offer less value added than their
competitors will suffer; also poor central planning on everything from
pavement size in the future to the size of the  community playground will also bring forth
new political repercussions as the citizenry becomes more aware of their own worth.
The impact of these business entities, I predict, will open the minds of our people
across cultural, political and societal mores very soon. But, I'm digressing.

Genting Resorts promotion
for the elderly and localised 
citizenry of the inner suburbs
RM 50 gets you a 8 course
Chinese Dinner;Staged MC /
Entertainment and lucky 
draw vouchers to Resorts World !

Malacca Tourism Association is making plans to have an out of town
meeting in Yangoon, Myanmar early August for members and EXCO.
The Association President and her secretariat is busy making the necessary protocol
& invites to the State Government to support our bold move to open relation-ship
between the businesses of Myanmar and Malacca.

Looking at the developments in Macao, within a year of the arrival
of WYNN and Sands Casinos, many of these
Outer Rim (Laos,Cambodia,Myanmar) countries has been targeted first
as customers and later as Macao's internal & Chinese local labor forces get
expensive and more selective career and job wise; as labor supply for these
behemoth retail lifestyle properties.

It will be proper that we read the level of marginalization well to observe
apolitically the coming future societal scenarios across the asia pacific rim.

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Sesi Perbincangan bersama Ketua Menteri Melaka dan Ahli-Ahli Persatuan Pelancongan Negeri Melaka
Makluman Utama hasil perjumpaan Exco Malacca Tourism Association bersama Ketua Menteri Melaka, YAB Datuk Seri Hj Mohd Ali Bin Mohd Rustam pada 16 Julai 2010: Ketua Menteri Melaka mencadangkan perkara-perkara/ isu-isu berikut:
 ·         Persatuan pelancongan Melaka (MTA) dengan kerjasama Bahagian Promosi Pelancongan (BPP) dan Jabatan Ketua Menteri Melaka mengadakan sesi dialog bersama tourism players segera untuk mensasakan komunikasi dan hubungan antara pihak kerajaan,dan ahli-ahli persatuan di Melaka .
 ·         Pihak persatuan dan ahli-ahlinya turun padang dalam mempromosikan Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Melaka ( LTABB);MTA juga diminta membantu dgn menggunakan networking pihak persatuan,ahli-ahli persatuan, dalam membantu  menambahkan penggunaan (penerbangan) Lapangan Terbang AntaraBangsa Melaka melalui  pengenalan chartered flight dan direct flight .Persatuan disarankan membantu melalui  kerjasama kerap mempromosikan penggunaan lapangan terbang tersebut melalui kerjasama ahli-ahlinya dan semua peniaga-peniaga pelancongan yang berkait.
 ·         Harapan dan keyakinan Ketua Menteri terhadap kemampuan ahli-ahli persatuan melihat beliau mengarahkan wakil MTA ikut serta mesyuarat post exco pelancongan setiap minggu.Pihak badan Exco Persatuan menyanjung tinggi penghormatan dan tanggung jawab yang telah di beri oleh Datuk Seri dan Jabatan Ketua Menteri Melaka .
 ·         MTA juga disaran perlu meningkatkan kerjasama dalam mempromosikan kemudahan  sedia ada syarikat –syarikat penerbangan di LTABB, dengan harapan memuncak penglibatan ahli peniagaan dan persatuan-persatuan yang mewakili mereka (melalui kerjasama semua NGO Pelancungan Melaka terutama MATTA Melaka); dan agen-agennya untuk memastikan penambahan penggunaan kemudahan dan isian kapal-kapal terbang di LTABB. 
 ·         Menggunakan program sepadu persatuan dalam menarik/ mempelawa pelancong dari Macau ke Melaka dengan pesawat chartered dan mempersasakan  penerbangan haluan dua hala pelancong –pelancong ke Melaka dan dari Melaka.
 ·         Isu caj teksi dan beca.  Datuk Seri setuju dengan pandangan ahli persatuan yang mengutarakan keperluan adanya pemantauan dan sokongan kepada persatuan beca/ teksi melaka.

  • Sesi pihak Persatuan dengan Ketua Menteri berakhir dengan terima kasih ahli-ahli persatuan dan sesi bergambar bersama beliau.

Badan EXCO Persatuan Pelancongan Negeri Melaka bersama Ketua Menteri Melaka 

Rombongan khas bertemu Ketua Menteri

Sesi pihak Persatuan dengan Ketua Menteri berakhir dengan terima kasih ahli-ahli persatuan dan sesi bergambar bersama beliau

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Restaurant Tasik Limbongan, NO: 1,Jalan Kristal 1,Taman limbongan Indah,Melaka

Locals and tourists celebrate second anniversary of heritage listing
In Malacca, the  Malacca as Unesco World Heritage Site anniversary was marked by special thanksgiving prayers at the 17th century Masjid Kampung Keling along Jalan Tukang Emas, followed by a procession of some 60 antique bicycles - led by state Governor Tun Mohd Khalil Yaakob - along the famous “Harmony Street” past several landmarks in the heart of the city.
Riding through time: Tun Mohd Khalil participating in a procession of antique bicycles through the heart of the historic city last night. Also taking part in the procession was Malacca Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam (left) and state leaders who donned traditional costumes of the local communities.

Hundreds of guests later thronged the Independence Memorial to watch a performance held by the Munshi Abdullah Musical Theater, culminating in a fireworks display.
The state had lined up 59 events to commemorate the occasion, including seminars, traditional performances, dances and games and the screening of popular old Malay, Chinese and Indian movies.
News from The Star newspaper.

Malacca World Heritage Core Zone and Buffer Zone

On 7 July, 2008, Malacca was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Interationally recognized as  one of two Historic Cities of the Straits of Malacca. Within Malacca Town, the World Heritage Site comprises a 38.62 hectare core zone and a 134.03 hectare buffer zone.

World Heritage Site Inscription Details

Inscription Year: 2008
Type of Site: Cultural
Inscription Criteria: II, III, IV

Core Zone

The core zone of the Historic City of Melaka, as mapped out by the nomination file submitted to UNESCO, comprises two sections bisected by the Malacca River. They form the oldest part of Malacca.

On the east side of the river is the Civic Zone. This includes Porta de Santiago, St Paul's Hill, Stadthuys, Christ Church and the various colonial buildings that dates back to the Dutch and British eras, many of which have been restored and converted into museums. 

On the west side of the river is the Residential and Commercial Zone. These comprise the shophouses along Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker Street), the elite residences along Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock (Heeren Street), and the various places of worship along Jalan Tokong(Temple Street), Jalan Tukang Emas (Goldsmith Street) and Jalan Tukang Besi (Blacksmith Street). In total, there are about 600 properties within this zone, including the cross streets that run perpendicular to the main streets such as Lorong Hang Jebat, Jalan Hang Kasturi, Jalan Hang Lekiu and Jalan Hang Lekir.

Places of Interest within the Melaka UNESCO World Heritage Site

* Sights of considerable significance
** Sights of major significance
·  Christchurch **
·  Dutch Square *
·  Stadthuys **

Location Map of Melaka UNESCO World Heritage Site

This is as close as I can get to mapping out the UNESCO World Heritage Site based on satellite view of the existing buildings in Malacca historic core. Sights within the core zone Sights within the buffer zone Sights outside the core and buffer zones

View Melaka UNESCO World Heritage Site in a larger map

Buffer Zone

A buffer zone surrounds the core zone. It is the area bordered by Jalan Munshi Abdullah, Jalan Ong Kim Wee, Jalan Kota Laksamana, Jalan Merdeka, parts of Jalan Chan Koon Cheng, the parts of Kampung Banda Kaba. I should point out that the buffer zone on Jalan Kota Laksamana was reclaimed from the sea as late as the fourth quarter of the 20th century. While it provides some "protection" to the heritage row on Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, it does not have any properties of "heritage age".

·         Buffer Zones and descriptions courtesy of:

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