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An Invitation to an Evening of Pleasure & Business

The Marina Sands, in a week's time will be conducting their sales promotion in KL.
It will be interesting to see the new concepts and branding theme's that this world class team will bring to our corner of the earth. It will also be exciting to see 
these Las Vegas outfit's Corporate Social Responsibility efforts through their targeted / themematic sales programmes. I have asked my son Utheya to clear his schedule for this invite as it offers him a good market evaluation of a world class PR and Corporate Retail/Sales team at work.

Asia’s leading destination for business, leisure and entertainment
It is our pleasure to invite you to an exclusive dining event where you will experience all that Marina Bay Sands has to offer. Please join us for an intimate evening of networking, innovative ideas and exploration of business opportunities unique to our multi faceted destination.
     Date: Wed, 4 August 2010<br>     Venue: our Seasons Hotel<br>     155 Rajadamri Road,<br>  Bangkok 10330, Thailand<br>     6.30pm  Cocktail reception<br>     7.15pm Dinner commences<br>  Presentation<br>  Lucky draw<br>     9pm Event ends<br><br>     Complimentary self parking is available
Please RSVP by Thu, 29 July 2010 to or call +65 6688 3002
Please RSVP by Mon, 26 July 2010 to

As you can probably deduce from the above, we
malaccan's are spoilt nowdays with offers and promotions
that our bigger  city cousins  like KL & Singapore has
experienced for years. The Good Thing about this retail efforts by the Casinos
to solicit market control and introduce their own new products and life style sales
is that the retail sector has enable the moneyed people in the smaller towns
and cities now with more choices, places and options within 1.5 -2.5 hours
drive from Malacca. Taking  into consideration the vast amounts of money invested
on these properties, I foresee our malaccan economic contribution to these life style
products to increase in the foreseeable future,along with the myriad down
stream opportunities that will manifest i.e more of our young working for these
properties, earning and expanding the middle income group within the smaller towns
and cities within a 3 hour flight zone from s'pore & m'sia and eventually more curious
manifestations of economic and knowledge based endeavors borne out of plain,
simple business acumen.
Of course the flip side of the coin is more marginalization of the
disenfranchised; the poorly educated; the slow to catch on and the weak.
Basically, more shit will happen through new avenues for the down trodden.
Businesses that cannot compete, offer less value added than their
competitors will suffer; also poor central planning on everything from
pavement size in the future to the size of the  community playground will also bring forth
new political repercussions as the citizenry becomes more aware of their own worth.
The impact of these business entities, I predict, will open the minds of our people
across cultural, political and societal mores very soon. But, I'm digressing.

Genting Resorts promotion
for the elderly and localised 
citizenry of the inner suburbs
RM 50 gets you a 8 course
Chinese Dinner;Staged MC /
Entertainment and lucky 
draw vouchers to Resorts World !

Malacca Tourism Association is making plans to have an out of town
meeting in Yangoon, Myanmar early August for members and EXCO.
The Association President and her secretariat is busy making the necessary protocol
& invites to the State Government to support our bold move to open relation-ship
between the businesses of Myanmar and Malacca.

Looking at the developments in Macao, within a year of the arrival
of WYNN and Sands Casinos, many of these
Outer Rim (Laos,Cambodia,Myanmar) countries has been targeted first
as customers and later as Macao's internal & Chinese local labor forces get
expensive and more selective career and job wise; as labor supply for these
behemoth retail lifestyle properties.

It will be proper that we read the level of marginalization well to observe
apolitically the coming future societal scenarios across the asia pacific rim.

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