Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Frivolities

The whispering winds of august nights are blowing again.
 Once again, in these late hours of the year, it is tradition for me to re visit the myriad written passages of the sages past. And one of my favorite (apart from effabble Pablo Neruda) has always been the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, the Persian poet and mathematician. 

His words of wisdom ensconced in pearls of poetic musings are the treasures that I seek come the Holy Month for a reminder that the travails of tomorrow are but the sorrows of a falling dry fig leaf. It has happened before countless times, it is happening now to countless lives and it will continue to happen for countless days.

 As I slumber through the fasting period, the trials and tribulations of the masses flash before mine eyes; personified by memories of a wasted youth and frail endeavors; of realized dreams and contrived situations. Guided unbeknownst to me the supreme god head is still ever more my merciful father and protector.

Rubaiyat  of  Omar Khayyam :

An old potter at his wheel
Clay and dirt mould and deal
My inner eye would reveal
My father’s dust bears his seal.

From dirt and dust come into view
Back into dust for review
And the cycles continue;
Though same for all, seen by few.

Those who went in pursuit of knowledge
Soared up so high, stretched the edge
Were still encaged by the same dark hedge
Brought us some tales ere life to death pledge.

Those who pursue the scientific way
In a different language display
Their ignorance and the way they pray.
They too one day shall be dust and clay


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