Monday, August 2, 2010

Renaissance Hotel Coffee House

The Melaka Renaissance Hotel recently revamped it's coffee house to portray the current open concept kitchen in favor with most post modern restaurants.
Having had the good fortune to have visited their opening many moons ago, I find myself time and again drawn back to their coffee house in part because i fell in love with the concept and ambiance as well as to enjoy their constantly delightful & conservative buffet offerings.

Sliced chicken in heavenly sauce

Be it their well known and commendable Sea Food Buffet's on Friday or the more subdued daily buffet offerings, renaissance hotel never fails to impress.

The Bread Counter with  it's wide variety of White,Rye and Wheat flour products

Delicious Cakes and Flan for Dessert

Having their coffee house modified to cater to groups of private meetings while having Dinner/Lunch was an excellent crowd pleaser as private dining tables are now available for  family /friends/ group use in plain view and easy access to the buffet counters and main tables

Cut Fruits & Jam Counter

Locals and visitors to Malacca now are assured of a good dining location with friendly service and quality offerings with such premises around !

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