Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Did You Know ? (From the McKinsey Quarterly which is the business journal of McKinsey & Company)

Riding Asia’s digital tiger
Asia is the world’s hottest area of Internet growth, but the dynamics on the ground vary widely by nation.

SEPTEMBER 2010 • Vikash Daga, Nimal Manuel, and Laxman Narasimhan

·         Fact 1: Over the next five years, nearly 700 million more Asians will start using the Internet.

·         Fact 2: Internet opportunities in emerging Asia could reach approximately $80 billion by 2015.

Asia’s emerging markets are poised for explosive digital growth. The region’s two largest economies—China and India—already boast some 500 million Internet users, and we forecast nearly 700 million more will be added by 2015 (Exhibit 1). Other emerging Asian nations have the potential to grow at a similarly torrid pace. We estimate that within five years, this billion-plus user market may generate revenues of more than $80 billion in Internet commerce,      access fees, device sales, and so forth.
To better understand the consumers, growth prospects, and problems, we surveyed more than 13,000 individuals across China, India, and Malaysia—countries at very different stages of their digital evolution. 
The key finding? 
While there were some notable differences in the types of content consumers favor and the devices they use, significant demand is waiting to be unlocked in all three nations. 
That could lead to growing markets for digital content and services and to new opportunities around digital marketing, including efforts to reach consumers via Internet sales channels.

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