Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fatherly Advice

Compromising situations are caustic to revelational achievements, especially
in this world where it's every man for himself.  Many betray their ideals and
beliefs in search of a better life, whichever way they can get it.
It is general opinion that the rat race is supreme simply because of  our
irrational fear and worry that the other guy is more secure and better off
than we are. Today, not many people believe in the promised ways of Good and Holy
that is written in the good books any more. We awake daily; shake, shiver, and we roll
with the punches life throws at us and we want to give back as good as we get.

Generally speaking, the world is divided three ways; the achievers, the restrainers;
and the don't know what the hell is going on's. If you don't know where you fall within
the three categories above, you are in for a troublesome time on this earth.

The way I see it the whole wide world is searching.... for something...  to believe in;
to achieve; it's crazy. The  needless amount of pain and angst inside each
individual's soul; I can see is heavy and woeful.
Me, after 43 over years of living on this earth, i know what it is I Want.
General laissez faire happiness and good will to all men and women.
It 's just that sometimes I forget what it is that was wanted !
Go figure.

To my children,
I say take time off to understand what it is you really want; what sacrifices are
needed to get whatever it is you want and whether you are ready to sacrifice for it;
be it time; effort or your soul. Plan your requirements early but if you care not
to do so, deliver your life to the Supreme God and make a knowledgeable effort to
remember and acknowledge Him in all your undertakings and moments. It's easy.
Just take a moment to tell Him in your heart that you TRUST in Him and GIVE your Life For HIM
to do as He wishes.
That's all.
To some educated and smart people the above will be rubbish and maybe
even childish but then that's their belief. It doesn't have to be yours.
All it takes is FAITH. (Percaya-lah).
When your life changes for the better, it is you who will benefit; not the nay sayers.

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