Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Historic & Eventful Day for Melaka

Melaka will today be declared a Developed City by our Chief Minister Ali Rustam at 20.10 hours. The passion of this one man has transformed our fair town into the beautiful city state we see today. For hundreds of years, this former back water town was considered nothing more than a mere page in the history of Malaysia and no one ever bothered to raise her name in the annals of History to match her glory years 647 years ago under the Malacca Sultanate periods. Until Today.

Today, She is transformed .

To the nay sayer for development in this City, I say to you-
Inaction is no escape from the complexities of life and  submission to Life
means accepting the complexities, contradictions and paradoxes that make up
the mottled landscape of living itself. 
No, we cannot run from our fears and anxieties and we cannot gloss them over
with counterfeit simple solutions either. But learn we must,to appreciate God's Love
which can also be through man's creations while you are alive to ensure you do not
look back to a life unfulfilled when your time is over.

MY emotional contribution to this historic event is  penned  below:

REMEMBER,REMEMBER,my Brethren in Beautiful Melaka,
This land, pursued all through ages by
The Portuguese & Dutch Conquerors,
The British, 'n' the Japanese Righteous Crusaders,

Were all here for a reason?
Once it was the Trade winds, then it was the spice trades,
Later it was because of the Minerals and ore, even communism  
which they said was at odds with our core; today, it's the tourist dollar and it's mores

"Aujourd'hui roi, demain rien”- the saying in french ...
The Kings of today will be but commoners tomorrow
The dust will settle, and dreams will be rendered,
but through it all, the amour towards this place and it's people should not be a sundered

For we the people will continue to live here, learn here and love here.
When all else ends; Melaka will still be here
This land is where my soul resides; this earth where my body and bones crumbles and dies
This is my home; My people; My Family.

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