Friday, October 8, 2010

The Lone Editor writes again (cue the Lone Ranger's tune!)

It's a bright sunny afternoon today with the temperature running a good 34
degrees Celsius. 

Feeling very lethargic lately,waking up to sense of listlessness and overall dredgy well being.

 So it comes at no surprise that most mornings are spent going back to bed to rest and recuperate before starting the day.

 I think it's a lack of blood in the system as I've been losing liters of fresh blood recently through the hemorrhoids.It's not something new as I've had this problem for almost 20 years, a legacy of the days when chasing datelines and trying to please the Boss meant worrying about his business to the detriment of yours, but recently it has exacerbated. I've been told the body takes two weeks to reproduce any blood it loses; so it looks like this feeling of listlessness and light headed ness is set to continue for a while. Good news is, when i force myself it causes me to sweat like a pig and this causes me to lose my water content .... and overall body weight. So far,it's down a kilo and a half ! 

Moving on to other news,
I was asked the other day why I commit to indulge my personal time and money to associate with NGO's and other associations without any benefit, and i found the question perplexing. 

The person asking was proud of the fact that he managed to secure loans, friends in high places and money worth many millions during his time associating with these groups,- although his was more of a business group/foundation and my associations were in civil  societies. 

I suppose one does what one does because it gives him pleasure primarily. Pleasure in the knowledge that he is able to make a difference. These are belief systems that you either have  or you do not have,lah. The other explanation would have to be "because I can".

The beliefs of a man who sanctions the ideals of a liberal upbringing , but with respect towards the administration of  civility; justice for all, rule of law etc, for i believe these are the ideals that  has kept the strong foundation for our civil society. The virtue that allows action through sacrifice and ability without demanding personal reimbursement other than the knowledge that someone is being assisted,helped and acknowledged. I've said it before, virtues in character provides wisdom in deed and practical wisdom or the practice of said virtues leads to wisdom......about men, women and life situations.

These ideals kept me aground in my daily privileged under takings and in people's impression of me, according to their levels of understanding. We need not necessarily agree with each other but we have learnt to prosper together cemented by these ideas.  

(Of course it is a given that the group that will successfully prevail  economically  and politically are those who shared a common interest and are willing to subvert personal feelings and interests in favor of the  current leaderships idea of governance).

Somehow Gunabalan doesn't fit into that scheme of things.  I am too highly independent minded, an individual finding himself in a setting, where he finds he can't have his ways all the time, so the best way to temper the dis resolute within oneself would be to learn to accommodate. I am learning still.

It takes all kind of people to be in  this world as with other situations of group or herd mentality. Normally in such  situations, it's the art of living with and making compromises that count more than the weight of personal ideals.

 I find myself as a man full of personal ideals that i care not to change for the  wispy convenience of others.  It's my  life and mine to live it only once, with God as my guide and savior. 
(Hopefully God loves mavericks and gadflies!)

Anyways, on to more interesting news! Michelle and I have secured a temporary lease on a cafe known as the Honky Tonk Cafe (HTC) in Lorong Hang Jebat near Jonkers Street in Melaka, a couple of days ago. It's right at the street level besides AnnaMalai Specialist Clinic.

So, these past few days have seen me completely changing my schedule and life style to learn the ways and worth of running this business with personal investments of Time and Money. It 's not easily adaptable initially as I find it difficult to change my  set routines but it is something which I must do.

The Facilities in this cafe are: 

Located at: Lorong Hang Jebat,
                      Melaka Town Centre  
                     (Near Jonker Street)
Contact Tel: 012 6050446

  • Bar and Melaka Riverside board walk
  • 12 tables (17 - 18 inside and 10 – 12 outside on riverside walkway)
  • 1 Meeting room (for 12 pax, air conditioned)
  • Stage, microphone and 2 speakers.
  • Live TV broadcasts of sports events.
  • Wi-fi coverage.

  • Services :
  • Business hours. 6:30 pm – 12:30 am. Open everyday.
  • WI-FI hotspot. Free access for minimum consumption expenditure of RM 10 (equivalent to 1 beer + 1 snack or soft drink).
  • Drinks (beer, Honky Tonk special, fruit juices / soft drinks, tea, coffee)
  • Catering for dinner parties of min. 10 pax. (RM 35 / pax for meal package, Honky Tonk special drink, mineral water).
  • Sing-along sessions (on request). Dennis (in-house pianist) specializes in sing-along songs of the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s and some new songs !! (RM 50 / hour ; min. 1 1/2 hours.). Also does Latin and old time Malay (eg. P. Ramlee, Jimmy Boyle) and Indonesian songs. (Please book minimum 5 days in advance.)
  • Jamming sessions (FOC - just come with your instrument and pick up). Note that we only have one microphone, and capacity to plug in only one lead into speaker system. Please give advance notice if you require Dennis to sit in. 
  • Meetings (RM 150 / 2 – 2.5 hours, Max. 12 pax.)
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