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Eating out & Cafes (located in the Old Town)

Melaka Old Town Area: 
Jonker Street; Lrg.Hang Jebat, Heeren street; Kg.Kuli etc.
Let's start your day with my Melaka Just Relax places in the Melaka old town area.
Breakfast or Brunch:

CHENG HO CAFE run by the lovely Myra for All day Breakfast is a lovely place to sit and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the day within the ambient sanctuary of this cafe.
Chop Chung Wah Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball. It has a nice old Coffee Shop environment but without the instant coffee. However, I try to avoid going there during the weekend and school holidays as it’s simply too crowded!
The former CIMB bank, now converted to a dining hall is right smack at the centre of all the activity near the exit of Jonker Street and is well worth your time and money  for the sheer locality of the place. The cafe /pub upstairs known as Pass port is also good avenue to watch the boats and life in this portion of the Malacca River float by!
Limau-Limau Café for bread and Fresh Fruit Juices- 
This café cater for a healthy choice of breakfast selections. In addition, the environment in the café is nice and relaxing. A perfect cozy place for Melaka Just Relax!
Lunch/Tea break:
You can head to Café 1511 for delicious Nyonya Food and at the same time get shelter from the blazing hot sun. You could either enjoy your beer or cold drink while “savouring“ the Peranakan décor or the food in the Café.
Dinner: (7.30pm onwards)

Honky Tonk Haven Café is recommended for a more serene and quiet pub & pub food environment. The front portion of this shop looks dinghy and lonely most times but the secret is to enter in and ask for a seat at the boardwalk out back! I love to unwind myself by “savouring“ the beautiful night scene of Melaka River here as the tranquility of the night is only broken by the occasional traffic noise whilst serenaded by Jazz tunes from the cafe and the soft caressing night breeze.
As for My Rock & Roll Blues Café, located in Melaka Raya (Location near the Ujung pasir police station) it’s a place to rock and roll while enjoying western food!
Night Life in Melaka could be found at Melaka Raya. Some of the notable LOUD places among the youngsters will be Pure Bar and The Cube. This is the place for the youngsters to enjoy themselves.
Out from Melaka Town Area:
If you are more adventurous, head out from the bustling Melaka town towards the Klebang Beach area for more Relaxing localities. At all places from Limbongan right up to Batu 13 (Tanjung Keling Area) there will be numerous pit stops to try delectable Malay Cuisines and Beer Gardens. "The BEACH" is a lovely place in Klebang Kecil to sit in the early dusk hours to watch the sun go down while drowning a few beers!There are also a few recommended “Food Stops“ further down the road up to Tanjung Keling where Melaka Famous warrior; Hang Tuah’s Mausoleum is located.

For a nice thin crunchy Roti Canai breakfast, drop by the Malay Stall opposite the Bintang Shopping Centre. It is just located within 100meter after Seafarer.
If you prefer Nasi Lemak Berlauk , just drive further down the same road.

 Just opposite a school named S.K Lereh, is a Malay stall by the road side (on your right) selling Nasi Lemak Berlauk and delicious Teh Tarik. The taste of Teh Tarik is slightly different from the other Malay stalls as I think they mix some boiled red bean water with it. Please take note that this “Food Stop“ is very famous and you need to drop by as early as 8.30am in the morning to prevent “disappointments“!
Too late for the Lereh Nasi Lemak Berlauk? No problem, just head down towards Kampung Kling or Hainam Village. There is an old Chinese Coffee Shop named Hoe Kopitiam on your right. You should try the Seafood Mee Goreng and Yong Tau Foo. 
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After having your fill, you can visit Hang Tuah Mausoleum. It is located around 300 meters from Hoe Kopitiam. Later, you could even bring your family to Pantai Puteri for a walk along the sandy beaches. The kids can even fly their kites there.
Are you tired and thirsty? Maybe a bowl of cold Cendol or Tai Bak will be nice. Just head back to Klebang beach and at Batang Tiga Traffic Light, turn left towards Bukit Rambai. After you passing a Chinese Temple on your right, slow down as theBukit Rambai Cendol stall is on your right. It is located around 200 meters away after the Chinese Temple. The stalls only open on Saturdays and Sundays from 12.30p.m to maybe 3.00p.m.

If you happened to drop by Pulau Gadong, you can opt to drop by Sunday Ice Café. This old café serves several types of delicious shaved Ice. During my schooling days, my friends and I love to drop by Sunday Ice Café for the “No 1 Treasure Ice“,Crocker Laksa and Rojak Kangkong . Sunday Ice Café opens at 4.30 p.m to 11.00 p.m. Come and visit this Melaka page often for more relaxing places that enable you to pamper your tastebuds!

Below pic & writing sourced from:

MelakaMalaysia Entertainment   Country; Blues, Jazz music

A great addition to the Melaka drinking scene, this Café cum Pub is run  currently by Mr.Gunabalan & his lovely wife Michelle.

Jazz memorabilia photos’  line the walls at the Front but the real secret that the locals enjoy is at the boardwalk out back which fronts the Melaka river and is recommended for sitting and relaxing with their cold beer, hot food and warm service !

It's a place to bring friends to for a decent, quite atmosphere; grab a quick meal (including  the recommended Chicken fried &fries Basket) and find out how truly beautiful the old town is transformed to at night within the  preserved ambiance of the old days location .

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