Friday, July 8, 2011

Musings of a Proletarian

Literary accomplishments has never been known to grow in a vacuum and in so much as us creative types like to be known as Lonely Wolf type, our pose,( of an individual maintaining our independence and freedom, while straining hard to let society hear our voices and grouses) ; we have a need every now and then to dip our bodies and souls into the gene pool of society to help us benefit & conceptualize / elucidate our external experiences up to a point.

Being in a situation whereby one punctuates one's existence with occasional trysts out of one's own self imposed vacuum allows for the solitude of peace and the visibility of clarity within one's thoughts as no one disturbs you with the normality of societal drivel but then, obliquely, no one can hear you rant as well.

It's Bloody Kafkaesque contradiction, I'll say !

So, reaching out to the humanity within societies can still prove beneficial  to any writer as it allows one the privilege of observing the masses and their mores; their desires and insanity of wants more closely.

Soaking up advice and establishing partnerships through consultations and gatherings opens up new points of views even though established mores predicates that your own opinions are set in stone even before these meetings; but,occasionally, you'll find the other rationales do have a frame work of consensus (whether right or wrong would invariably depend on the side of fence you've gathered) and provides for an viable alternative stand point.

These views can open up new worlds and ideas of passage if pursued and can help mold new dimensions of previously unheard of success or at the very least provide a good impression of a technically viable answer to certain set in stone problems. 

Granted, this is how perfection within communal communication is achieved, but as per any other situations, personal agendas and political affiliations normally color such possible successes pre -emptively.

So, despite best intentions, exasperation and frustrations abound in situations whereby personal agendas and affiliations are allowed to rule

What to do, what to do....
the world's a bloody beast
Angry and sad inside,when all it needs
Is Love and a little solitude

Moving on, associations of business types and non governmental association types are currently my favorite ways to observe and in turn be observed by the hoi polloi of my cherished city. Many a curious and exciting incidental stories have I delighted in, in private and in public,regulated of course, by the personal nature and secrecy of the acts and ambits of my fellow malaccans credulity (both male and female) in their chase towards personal glory and higher respect and maybe income levels.

All of these tales will be great fodder for a Greater Malaysiana story book should I ever be in the mood to record and compile these stories !
At the moment though, these tales sieve through my ears unbeknownst to the alleged perpetrators (in the true tradition of all gossip mongering stories) and some times even with their knowledge as the particular situation is so well known that it's no point in denying it- as in the story of a particular Indian Physician whose a vendor of nubile beauties to the politically inclined " society" who after many years of doing that service was rewarded with a noble peerage. But a few public missteps and years of personal gaffes due to poor choices of friends and contacts saw him slowly going into public contempt and disrepute within the very society he tried to impress. 

One hardly hears of this individual or his family nowdays as he spends most of his time out of the state.
What a pity. With him out of  sight and presumably out of our collective minds, there just seems a dearth of juicy tidbits floating around nowdays in that community,but.....

Every decade or so, the writer in me sees played out in the public forum a repeat of the displays of personal joy  and private achievement; angst & tragedy that is often played by different actors but within the same manners and Freudian slips of their previous perpetrators/ actors.The very human frailties and need for public adulation never changes even though the people and players seem to change. 

Funny how things always change but never does, wouldn't you say?

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