Monday, August 15, 2011

Meeting the Chief Minister

The Malacca Tourism Association Exco today was assembled to have a brief meeting with the Chief Minister Of Melaka- Datuk Seri Mohd. Ali Rustam at Seri Negeri,Gapam on behalf of the Melaka T. A. members.

Discussions during the 2 hours were centered on further flourishing the State's Tourism Industry through the cooperation and support of the Industry players & state  tourism planning officers here in Melaka.

After meeting us and listening to our briefings and towards the established goal of open communications, between the State & the Industry players, Datuk Seri suggested that the Melaka  State  Executive body will enable all tourism players within the state to have a dialogue session on the 
23rd of August at 9am in MITC Media House for the opportunity to disseminate the latest updates in State Tourism Planning.
Thus creating an avenue  of  mutual benefit & opportunity for all industry players and State Government officers to meet and greet.

The president of MTA, Mdm. Madelina also took this opportunity to request the state government for some assistance towards the rebuilding of the ST.Francis Institution (primary) school's roof and gutters.
Immediately the CM responded by approving the request but letting the Finance Dept allocate the amount. Hopefully, the amount allocated will help the school towards its intended renovation and refurbishment efforts.
Good Show

Mdm.Madelina's previous efforts to invite the CM to visit the school proved most successful and he was very happy to attend; assist us financially with RM 100,000.00; give a pep talk on stage to the parents and awards for all the high achieving students of that year

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