Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Executive Council members of the Malacca Tourism Association were recently invited to attend to her duties as members of the National Tourism Council Malaysia (NTCM) during their Annual General Meeting in Kuala Lumpur on 30th. June 2011.

The National Tourism Council Malaysia (NTCM) whose membership comprises of the various tourism associations in Malaysia,  is a Tourism council body that works closely with the government on matters relating to tourism development and promotion. 

Acting as a national body and representing the key industry stakeholders from the private sector, the Council plays a significant and meaningful role in supporting Malaysia's tourism objectives.

NTCM acting as an enabler, often does its part also by organizing projects and events including seminars and conferences to enhance the growth of the industry and in particular to promote domestic tourism.

NTCM currently headed by the affable Y.Bhg Dato’ Shamsul Falak b Tan Sri Kadir 
( also President  of KLTA),  greeted warmly the Melaka delegation headed by 
Pn. Madelina Kuah, Datuk Seet Tiang Chye (PP) & and Mr. Simon Bonaventura .

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