Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Good News, everyone!

Latest update from this morning MTA/Menara/SFA

first collaborative Treasure Hunt Meeting, 

it is  confirmed 27 teams are participating in this event.

Expect last minute registration to surpass 30 teams."

Below is a newspaper clipping from Melaka Hari Ini:
The steering committee of this Treasure Hunt was hard at work these past few weeks soliciting advertising and sponsorship assistance from the corporations and companies involved. Due to their consistent hard work and persistent, this Hunt is all set to vow the participants with enough goodies and give away for the amount charged per person.

Congratulations to the steering committee co- headed by Pn Madelina Kuah. With 27 teams confirmed and an excess of prizes and gift hampers available, it looks very promising and exciting venture for all the people involved. En. Nazry, the Menara CEO even threw in a full buffet lunch for all the participating teams and officials with give away Tee's and goody bags  supported by MTA; so that everyone goes back happy ! 

As this will be the first SFA / Corporate companies Treasure Hunt many in the Alumni's are still unsure on how to support the process but with the professional assistance of the others I am very sure this form of joint cooperation and venture will bring more benefit to the  S.F.Alumni in the future.
May these colloborative efforts be more and our success grander in the future,ya !

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