Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Straits Times OnLine report:

Southern Waste Management (SWM) Environment Sdn Bhd general manager Adnan Ibrahim said residential premises would be supplied with a 120-litre capacity wheelie bin and business premises with a 240-litre wheelie bin in stages over three years.

Owners or occupants of the premises have to fill a form which will be distributed a week before they can collect the bins at a location and time to be announced by SWM, he said, adding that they have to bring along their identification card and a utility bill.

"The primary objective for the distribution of the bins is to raise awareness and educate the people on the proper way of disposing waste through the use of suitable, uniform, durable and environment-friendly bins," he told a news conference in Cheng here.

Adnan said all the bins bear a code number according to the location, and the particulars of the owners or occupants of the premises would be recorded in the SWM database to avoid exchange of the bins and to locate them easily should they go missing.

He said SWM would deliver the bins free of charge to owners or occupants of premises who are old or physically challenged. -- BERNAMA

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