Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Indian Economic Conference (MIEC)

A Malaysian Indian Economic Conference (MIEC) will be held on the 1st April 2012 @ the Grand Ballroom Renaissance Hotel, Melaka to help  in the transformation of the community’s economic landscape.

The information giving and record taking programme, which starts on March 18 nation wide, comprises free forums and outreach service programmes which would be held nationwide to gather feedback from the grassroots level and address community issues.

A Malaysian Indian Economic Blueprint would later be formulated based on the findings. It is expected to be submitted to the Prime Minister during a national-level conference to be held in June.

The MIEC will be co-chaired by Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department and MIC president Da­­tuk Seri G. Palanivel and Malaysian Associated Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry president Datuk K.K. Eswaran.

Eswaran said the focus of the forum was to get people to speak up.

“We want the people to raise issues.

We want the community to move forward,” he said.

The Malacca Indian Chamber Of Commerce & Industry will be the Organising Secretariat for this event  on the 1st April 1, 2012 headed by MTA' Executive Council members Mr.Bharat Ajmera and the affable Gunabalan -Chairman of Media and Communications.

Malaysian Indians interested to attend kindly reply or inform us via SMS to 010 7880383 giving Name/Nature of business/ area from

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