Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Coming Crisis


The best & worst of times and the melodrama of the times we live in continues on in the daily internet news and the local daily front pages as we sit carefree for breakfast this cloudy haze infused Sunday whilst sipping our favorite beverage over a hot steaming plate of chicken curry accompanying the ubiquitous Roti Canai or Prata as our southern neighbors call it. 
For millions of malaysians this is their  morning break,-fast and easy  and truly heralded as a unity food enjoyed by all common races here.
Across the world though, happening almost so far away that it remains incognito to most of my immediate neighbors and friends, are daily stories of riots on the streets of Libya, Greece, Italy, Syria, Egypt coming out of Financial Sovereign Debt problem that is  making the people there suspect where and when their next breakfast will be .......keeping the Middle East population in tattered flames of mutinous apprehension.

North Africa, Middle East and the Mediterranean  southern part of Europe are all facing intense pressure by the war hawks over control of her strategic trade routes for oil and rare earth resources, under the name of freedom and democracy.

The worries  and troubles of the these people so far away is crucial, in my eyes to Malaysian business and overall well being simply because that globally, trade will be affected by whatever ails our consumers…. Malaysian businesses mainly being a commodity based, export nation of manufacturers.

With 2 year German T- Bonds returning a 1.5% interest and US  Treasury Bonds sold  ridiculously for under 1.5 %, clearly the super rich individuals overseas know something we do not about the future of  world monetary policies as every body buying the billions of T-Bonds wants to park their money where it is presumably safer to safeguard their money rather than earn interest out of their money for fear of total loss due to sovereign debt default.

By far the greatest threat to our continued well being today is the threat of World War 3 starting in the Middle East with Israel gunning to start a war in Iran.

With Russia and China through the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) drawing the proverbial line in the sand that the Israeli’s and their allies the United States should not cross in Syria and Iran, (almost daring them to be crossed), it is a matter of time indeed before the first frail attempt to mediate and avert a much needed war (for the west) is abandoned and the business of war started.

Washington has encircled Russia with military bases and has begun the encirclement of China. Washington has announced that the bulk of its naval forces will be shifted to the Pacific over the next few years, and Washington is working to re-establish its naval base in the Philippines, construct a new one on a South Korean island, acquire a naval base in Viet Nam, and air and troop bases elsewhere in Asia.

In Thailand Washington is attempting to purchase with the usual bribes an air base used in the Vietnam war. There is opposition as the country does not wish to be drawn into Washington’s orchestrated conflict with China. Downplaying the real reason for the airbase, Washington, according to Thai newspapers, told the Thai government that the base was needed for “humanitarian missions.” This didn’t fly, so Washington had NASA ask for the air base in order to conduct “weather experiments.” Whether this ruse is sufficient cover remains to be seen

The total victory of the Allies over the Axis in 1945 ended the previous conflict. World War II altered the political alignment and social structure of the world.  Today, with Philippines used as a proxy  in establishing  American military bases and Singapore and Australia relying on USA as a final backstop against perceived China moves to claim the South China Seas resources, we see war games repeating itself in the south pacific. It would not be long before their reach into the Malacca Straits is evident (maybe under the ruse of protection  for shipping against piracy?). 

In World War 2 the real flare that started the whole fiasco in Europe was the Prussian Wars in 1925 resulting in Germany attacking Poland in 1939. At that time Japan was already at war with China since 1937. Basically it was all about instigating the control for the natural resources and trade of the New Worlds.

Today we have the same story happening all over again with proxy nations agitating for the real puppet masters need to control over natural resources. 

It would be great if we had real disclosure from the two main protagonists,though. It would be nice if Iran would let us know exactly what it was enriching all that uranium for.  It would also be great if Israel lets us know once and for all if it does have nuclear weapons, and if so how many.

If, as a nation, you’re going to launch strikes against another nation to stop them having nukes, it’s only reasonable for everyone to know if you already have nukes of your own in the chamber.

Nuclear weapons are terrifying things and they are terrifying whoever has them, whether they are being used or not. 

If you've read the Indian cultural and religious doctrine magnum opus The Mahabharata, it would be evident the type of destruction these nukes can do,as human folly is doomed to be repeated, evident by the bones of the recently unearthed victims that are still irradiated today 4000 years later!

So an inventory of some sort would be nice. It would also be great if there were an equally vigorous multinational investigation into whoever was blowing up those Iranian nuclear scientists in 2010.
Because they are an important part of this case too, as it is part of a long standing feud between these opposing parties to control the fearsome nuclear power.

In the mean time , we have here our jaguh kampungs deliberating over cups of cold tea, which sex scandal , money politics / corruptible issue will bring down whom within the next few months and why their favorite party deserves to win.

At least for me, as I sit here watching the languid streams of water from the Melaka River lazily pass me by, The Honky Tonk cafe is a mighty restive paradise amongst the bitter thorns of worry the outside world presents. I think I'd go read The Old Man and The Sea by Hemingway again.

Ahh, well..... Que sera sera.

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