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Melaka at Night

Getting to Melaka 

Melaka is 450km from Penang, 144km from Kuala Lumpur, 280km from Singapore.
The north south express highway links the entire Peninsula Malaysia from top down.  Most travellers head to Melaka by land. Express busses depart to Melaka from KL and Singapore regularly, making this the obvious choice of transportation.
Express Bus:
Frequent buses head to Singapore (RM16, 4½ hours, departures approximately hourly), KL (RM12.50, two hours), Johor Bahru (RM19, 3½ hours), Ipoh (RM29.60, six hours) and Seremban (RM5.50, 1½ hours). Kuantan (RM24.70, six hours), Kota Bharu (RM52.40, 10 hours), Dungun ( RM35.90, eight hours), Kuala Terengganu (RM34.20, eight hours)and also Seremban (RM6.80, one hour).
All express and local busses will arrive and depart from Melaka Sentral. Luggage storage at Melaka Sentral is RM2 per bag. Melaka Sentral is located North of Melaka town on Jalan Cempaka, just opposite Tesco Shopping Complex. There are shops, money changers, restaurants, ATM's at Melaka Sentral.

To/From Singapore
Luxury buses (645 3218) also depart daily to Singapore (SGD 30, 4½ hours, 2.30pm) from the Mahkota Hotel, Bayview Hotel, Holiday Inn, Renaissance Hotel (also departs at 4.30pm) and Equatorial Hotel. From Singapore, buses to Melaka can be booked at the Lavender St bus station in Singapore or from an agent operating out of the Lavender MRT station.
Flights: The Batu Berendam International airport handle domestic & International flights(currently for Chartered services ) This airport will soon be open to handle Low Cost Carrier flights.
Taxi: Taxis leave from the long-distance bus station. Whole-taxi rates are roughly: Port Dickson (RM100), Johor Bahru (RM200), Seremban (RM90), Mersing (RM200), KL (RM130) and Kuala Lumpur International Aiport (KLIA; RM120).
Car: Hawk car rental office is located in town, near the Stadhuys.

Train: The nearest train station stops at Tampin – 38 km north of Melaka.

Clock Tower 

Straits Of Melaka Mosque
St.Francis Church

Clock Tower

Heeren Street Intersection

Heeren Street
 Revitalised Melaka River Bank

Melaka Fountain near River Bank

Fairy Lights synonym with romantic Melaka

River Cruise sights

Jalan Bendahara / Bunga Raya Bridge view
Aerial View of Menara Taming Sari  & Sultan A.S. Bridge

The Melaka Icon- Lighted MusicalTrishaws

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