Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Malacca .Reborn

Blanketed by ambition and poised at the juncture of restless searching souls, Malacca is unlikely territory for heritage/cultural observations and simplified city-dwelling towers. 
But defiant Malaccans insist on having them, and then, once they are in place, eagerly get
in line to ride up and have a look, in disdain… often comparing what is available with other
localities eg KL, Penang and Singapore.
Kiasu Malaccans !
The latest addition to this fairy lighted city’s soaring slew of buildings, dizzying Ferris wheels 
(in development) and skyscraper-tops is Kerjaya Hotel , which at 42 stories high, holds the 
title as  Malacca’s tallest free-standing tower. 

This Kerjaya project, which has started building, annexed just outside the World Heritage 
center within the old riverine quarter of Malacca has promised to become an instant hot ticket for lodging and F&B in Malacca .

That is tall enough, though, for a head-clearing perspective of sprawling Malacca, 
old quarters and all, all the way to Batang Tiga and faraway Alor Gajah whose multiple 
suburban centers, odd block-based address system and reliance on  highways, by ways 
and  one –way thoroughfares often elicit confusion at ground level for drivers.

Having been up and cosseted within the Renaissance Ramada Hotel’s top floor suite 
(which at 27 floors, is the top most building in Malacca today) ; for me, one surprise in the 
vantage point there is a sudden realization of how far distorted maps of Malacca depart from
the geographic reality of actual Malacca hidden by clouds and the occasional smog from 
Indonesia, from a drivers point of view.
This upstart of a city really is immersed in the beauty of romantic  irrationality and mystery
given that just outside the coast line of dear old Malacca is the Big Island (Pulau Besar) which
to all and sundry looks just like a pregnant damsel lying horizontally awaiting her suitor to 
come rescue her from nearby Gunung Ledang @ Mt.Ophir.
Throbbing with commerce and life, on any given weekday and weekend morning, you may 
find an animated crowd waiting patiently in Melaka Taming Sari Building to buy tickets, to 
ride up gasping at a rapidly ascending view - through clear windows in the round revolving 
Tower’s safety lift mechanism cum observation deck, pointed out landmarks keyed 
on satellite maps and once upon a time, the privileged view of birds of prey soaring high
 up along the coastline.
In retrospect just 15 years ago; circa 1998 Malacca was still identified as a sleepy hollow but 
with the will power of a forward looking administration she has clearly leapt high in modernizing 
herself whilst sustaining her ancestral heritage and glory. Malacca is now regaining her 
yesteryear glory as a multicultural place of interest.
This city thrives and purrs underneath the closseted alacrity of glass buildings and 
thoroughfares running through her like so much veins of commerce throbbing with the life of 
 That is when you know the city has been able to demarcate the line between  tradition,
heritage saving and modern city living .The move from township to city feels just right — 
at the peripheral limits of the Old Town a new city is given birth to; but still within her 
inner traversing pathways the confines and limitations of her  old ways of life can still be 
found, proudly scanning the new grand geography. 

Traffic streams by on nearby expressways in a blur of red and white light, the future 
Ferris wheel at the reclaimed  waterfront cum entertainment complex  near Taman Melaka
Raya will whirl with its own bright display, and that old girl-Malacca stands proud, 
her shadows glimmering beneath the illuminated Highway Bridge. 
Malacca's new born ambiance seems to appeal to young lovers. Couples who appeared to be
out on a date dominate the thin crowd outside on warm evenings.Clusters of lighted 
skyscrapers mark the coast line of this new city within the boundaries of vision and desire.
On clear nights, the magnificent view extends to the horizon, identifiable by a glimpse of the
Menara Taming Sari, The condominiums in Klebang and the Mahkota skyline.

Making this another restive but thriving, throbbing port of destination to the weary souls of this world. 

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