Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Life is savored in Malacca

Defining a locality by its food is nearly impossible, especially if the subject is Melaka! 

Many have tried to impress upon the unassuming public that Malaccan food galore starts and originates from the fusion of Malay, Chinese and Indian food but truth be told this  fair city state is more than the amalgamation of taste buds that these cultures brought with them. Much more.

As varied as its culture, music and coastal geography, so too is its food.  With a blend of pan Asiatic and European (Indo-Dutch & Anglo Saxon) influences, Melaka boasts a complex and colorful bounty to appease any palate from the spice worshipping locals to the greens- tofu seeking vegan onwards to the meat-chomping carnivore.

Like other international destinations, Melaka is a gem within a coastal cul-de–sac in this Malaysian peninsula delighting to display its wonderful local cum regional cuisine that’s found in its 13 states and the surrounding Asian region. 

Within the ambits of the state limits, you can experience it all, taste it all, and savor it all.

Paradise is a word often expressed by many but here in Melaka, one gets a sense of how close that feeling may represent the word once you start savoring the many delectable’s on offer everywhere within the street’s and the more ambiatic enclaves.

From fancy, sit-down restaurants within the many shopping malls, hypermarkets and supermarkets located within 15 minutes drive of each other to the numerous Malay make-shift mom pop eateries located along the many winding ‘kampong’ roads within the city and it’s adjoining boroughs, from the nearby  Javanese-inspired dishes of the Indonesian archipelago to the grilled, skewered, roasted, and fried meat cuisines of the surrounding regional , from the freshest Malaysian seafood, to the fusion mix of Mediterranean type spices and north African style “wild meats”, it’s all here, in a country which some might say is infatuated by its culinary contributions to the world, and rightly so.

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