Wednesday, November 20, 2013

In Deference to AGE & HEALTH

When we were young and strong we ate, we play, and we love in our daily lives without much concern.  
IT's a given in our lives that the sun  will continue to shine and the sporadic rains are but a mild irritation. 
Should we break a bone or two or get down and out due to flu or any other normal viruses, we are told to rest and recuperate while the body takes care of itself.

And these days, doctors and medical systems throughout the world are so through in their research into our 
human conditions and health irregularities, we are warned way in advance through our supposedly regular
blood and sugar and other health routine checks that we are headed towards certain medical dilemmas’
if we do not change our ways and diet.

In my last conversation with a doctor, she raised concern for our weight, lack of exercise and general 
not –so- well being. In the course of our conversations she asked the time of my meals. 
We answered that ours is usually a late breakfast followed by lunch, brunch or tea breaks with dinner 
being around 8-9 PM…...and supper following suit.

However, we didn't tell that we also observed the bad habit of going for late night beers, Bah Kut Teh and

tea @ the local mamak shop that could stretch till the wee hours in the morning culminating in late sleep-
in times. Early in our working life and after being abroad for a long time, we had this bad habit of eating roti 
canai & nasi lemak every other day as well.

Now, be honest and tell me that this isn't a Malaysian way of life for millions of others as well?  
Don’t bother denying it but …it seems, age is the best disciplinarian for us, as our bodies eventually break 
down more often  as we grow older and we realize that with every “down time” we experience, the older we 
get, the more pain we experience.

Naturally, no teacher is as good as the pain one experiences oneself. 
So eventually, without us realizing it most of us just stop doing all the stuff we did that we enjoyed earlier 
but that got us into the present predicament health wise.Problems that made us experience health issues such
as low resistance to sickness, low energy, morose and depressive mental abilities, maybe some early joint 
pains and generally other such ailments and conditions.

The good doctor's question reminded us of an NST article few days ago about 24 hour eateries.

Consumers Association of Penang president S.M. Mohamed Idris called on the authorities to not allow

eateries to operate round-the-clock to check the rising cases of diabetes and obesity. 
These eateries serve food with high in fat, salt and sugar content, plus people tend to overeat.

The view of SM Idris could be expanded further to limit opening hours of shops, shopping malls, and 

commercial premises in the city. That way Malaysians would lead a healthier "early to bed and early to rise"

To a certain extent, it could contribute to solve a lot of other problems.

Unlike other cities in Europe and US, shops in Asian cities tend to open up late into the night. 
We become addicted to the lifestyle as it allows many of us with an illusion of freedom 
(eating out in the open air, well past our bed times,  watching football when other normal citizens are all 
sleeping); and gives us a sense of independence and fun.  Well, that's the way the teenagers say it.
And by the time they are in their mid thirties it has become a ritual of maturity and adult hood that they no
longer question.

So what is the real solution?
Discipline,my dear holmes, discipline. The ONE word no hot blooded Malaysian individual actually likes!

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