Friday, March 14, 2014

Gingerflower Boutique Hotel

 If you are looking to spend a few days in Melaka and would love to have the experience of staying in a beautifully restored Peranakan Townhouse right in the heart of the UNESCO Heritage site, within walking distance of Jonker Walk, the Malacca River, Christchurch and most of the interesting sites of Melaka, do inquire with us at about the Urban Townhouse which is managed by the Gingerflower Boutique Hotel.

The Urban Townhouse is located within 2 minutes walk from the Gingerflower, and is a Peranakan Townhouse which has been painstakingly restored to its formal glory. It encompasses many of the interesting aspects of Peranakan and Dutch architecture and design, including antique artisanal colourful tiles and antique marble, but it has also been modernised to provide a luxurious and comfortable stay.

There are four bedrooms in the Urban Townhouse, three of which have ensuite marble bathrooms with power rainshowers and luxurious Gingerflower Boutique Hotel amenities, thick white fluffy towels and bathrobes and slippers to use. There is also a large living room, kitchen and open airwells, which all allow for a very comfortable stay. With plenty of areas to lounge around inside the townhouse, there is a great feeling of openness and amazing stillness and quiet that you will experience once you close the front door and enter the Townhouse sanctuary

When you see this cast iron Gingerflower Boutique Hotel signage, you know you have arrived ... And the UNESCO World Heritage site is right at your doorstep with all the wonders of cultural and historical Melaka to be explored....

If you love shopping and looking for great bargains, and enjoy delicious local street food, come to Melaka and experience Jonker Walk. It is only walking distance from the Gingerflower Boutique Hotel

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