Monday, April 14, 2014

New Year & Vaisakhi 2014 Prime Minister’s Message.

Malaysian Prime Minister’s
Indian New Year & Vaisakhi Greetings
      April 13th, 2014 by Najib Razak
The month of April marks the beginning of a New Year for many in the Malaysian Indian
community, with the Tamils ushering in“Chitirai Putthandu” while Malayalis celebrate

The Sikh community will be celebrating “Vaisakhi” that marks the birth of “Khalsa”.
While welcoming this new beginning with family and friends, let us also take a moment to
remember and continue praying for all those on board Flight MH370 and their families.

The Government and the Indian community’s journey together based on “nambikei” or 
trust has borne positive results and brought real changes towards improving their quality
of life.

On this occasion, I reiterate the Government’s commitment to continue focusing on
uplifting the Indian community based on an inclusive approach towards ensuring a 
better quality of life for the current and coming generations.

In our very own Malaysian tradition, let us join our Indian brothers and sisters in
celebrating these special festivals.

 I take this opportunity to wish “Chitirai Putthandu Vaalthukal” and “Vishu Ashamsakal” to the Tamil and
 Malayali community respectively. 

To the Sikhs in Malaysia, “Aap Sab Nu Vaisakhi Di Lakh Lakh Vadai Hovey”.

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