Monday, June 16, 2014

Beriftar Sambil Beramal Jariah bersama Hotel Seri Malaysia, Melaka !

Seri Malaysia Hotel is a gem of a resort located just before the main arch welcoming you into Melaka city in Ayer Keroh, right after you leave the toll from the North -South Highway.

It is fronting the main road and 
is a hidden pearl introducing you
 to the fact that the serene atmosphere  
food here is nice and soothing. 

Very relaxing & welcoming.

The Jonker Cafe is their main F & B outlet and the food is authentic Malay cuisine, especially this Ramadhan month when the cream de la cream of feasts are offered to the salivating public by the Hotel.
 Everything from the special Gulai Kawah to the Bubur Lambuk; 
the Nasi Minyak berlauk Ayam; 
Satay Kambing/Ayam;
 Kerang Bakar; 
Roasted Lamb on the spit; 
Murtabak Kambing/Ayam;
Yong Tau Fu Goreng; 
Kway Teow Goreng, 
fried with garlic powder, and all manner & types of salad and spices and dipping including the lovely belacan and cincaluk mixed dips of several varieties which definitely is an added flavor to the dishes on offer.

Displayed proudly right in the middle of the restaurant is the Main Dishes and Desserts table, positively groaning under its weight of food of  life enriching goodness.Cosmic selections of Malay Kuih, pastries, ice creams, jellies and not to leave out the all-time favourite, Dodol !
Ice cold drinks and chendol and ais-kacang, all with more choices of condiments available than any other ramadhan buffets I have sampled this year. Selection includes Soymilk, Air Sirap Bandung, Fruit Juices, Barley Water, Ice Kacang, Cendol, and of course, the must-have Teh Tarik.

The stupendous and colorful display on the dessert train is an eye opener that must not be missed as many of the selection on display here are authentic malay kueh's that we hardly get to see often now.

All in all, the buffet is value for money and the special treatment given by the staff will make you happy with this delightful malacca property !

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