Monday, June 9, 2014


Durian lovers should not miss trying out the Durians on Sale whilst traversing Melaka where the King of Fruits is once again a featured item to savor! 

There are many species of durians but you need not worry about the various species. The recommended (and probably the safest bet) species would be the D24. The D24 is creamy and bitter but its taste is not too strong so its good for beginners. 

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the durian, you can move on to other species. The durian has been used in many other culinary dishes. 

There’s durian flavoured ice cream, durian cake, durian biscuits and many other durian flavoured beverages. Savor fresh durians categorised according to grades as well as sumptuous delicacies made from durians.

For many  food lovers in this city, the spiny, football-size fruit with the divinely custardy, yet potently odoriferous, flesh is as much a cultural icon as it is a treasured, eagerly anticipated food.

From Fried Durian Ice Creams in Jonker Street to the much loved Durian pastry available at all food kiosk in and around the major supermarkets here, DURIANS  RULE !

Although it is an acquired taste,  for visitors to this city, tasting the various Durians available should not be missed as the King of Fruits is a featured main item for locals .

This controversial fruit which even has its own Face Book page set up by a durian lover will win the hearts of those who are brave enough to try!

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