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BLACK PEPPER CRAB-Portuguese style 

Typically,many Asian cultures share the tradition of gathering the family or clan together to socialize or celebrate over a big meal,but these days, the  fast paced two working parent environment  plus the growth of the nuclear family has made the coming together of family and friends over a good meal more an adventure in search of the latest culinary treat around town rather than a home affair. 

Ikan Masak Sambal Garam
"Street food, I believe, is the salvation of the human race." So proclaimed Anthony Bourdain, passionate street food advocate and consumer, at the inaugural World Street Food Congress.

"Street food makes travel interesting," Bourdain explained. 

 "It's very easy to travel around the world and look out the window and not know where you are. You see the same businesses. Go to the best restaurant in town in Houston, New York, or Berlin, and they're not going to be that different. That's not the case with street food. In asia, you'll know if you're in Halong bay or  Baguio City—you'll smell, see, and taste the difference."

Indeed, asian street foods offer us a truly unique, local flavor.

And in Malaysia, defining a locality by its food is nearly impossible, especially if the locality is Melaka! 

Many have tried to impress upon the unassuming public that Malaccan food galore starts and originates from the fusion of Malay, Chinese and Indian food but truth be told this fair city state is more than the amalgamation of taste buds that these cultures brought with them.

Much more.   

The4se days, ordering a plate of sauerkraut with german lamb sausage is within a stone's throw of a sizzling hot pot of Bah Kut Teh in Melaka Raya- our food mecca.

Else where in the old city,within the labyrinth of old streets, new highways, byways and water ways lies varied as its culture, music and coastal geography,the myriad evolving passion of peoples and their taste in food. 

You can just as easily smell and taste Portuguese and Dutch food in the alleys of Heeren street as you would in the Settlement area.

Lamb Ghoulash with Mash Potatoes

With a blend of pan Asiatic and European (Indo-Dutch & Anglo Saxon); Islamic influences, plus appreciating the taste buds and spices of Medanese, Javanese, not forgetting the hybrid Melaka Chitty and Baba Nyonya cooking cultures, Melaka boasts a complex and colorful International and Regional infused bounty to appease any palate from the spice worshipping locals to the greens- tofu seeking vegan onwards to the meat-chomping carnivores.

Like other international destinations, Melaka is a gem within a coastal cul-de –sac in this Malaysian peninsula delighting to display its wonderful local cum regional cuisine that’s found in its 13 states and the surrounding Asian region.

Ngoh Hiang- baba style

Terung Berlada

Within the ambits of the state limits, you can experience it all, taste it all, and savor it all.

Impressively, Street Food has also climbed up a notch here in Melaka.

From fancy, sit-down restaurants within the many shopping malls, hypermarkets and supermarkets located within 15 minutes drive of each other to the numerous Malay make-shift mom pop eateries located along the many winding ‘kampong’ roads within the city and it’s adjoining boroughs,

Lime infused Sambal Belacan
from the nearby Javanese-inspired dishes of the Indonesian archipelago to the grilled, skewered, roasted, and fried meat cuisines of the surrounding regional ethnic groups , 

from the freshest Malaysian seafood, to the fusion mix of Mediterranean type spices and north African style cooking of local “wild meats” in Kota Laksamana, it’s all here,in a city which some might say is infatuated by its culinary contributions to the world, and rightly so.

Laksa !
Paradise is a word often expressed by many but here in Melaka, one gets a sense of how close that feeling may represent the word once you start savoring the many delectable’s on offer everywhere within the street’s and its more ambiatic enclaves !

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