Saturday, July 26, 2014

(Baboon House)- Les Paradis ala Melaka

The Baboon House

 89, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Loke,Melaka

 (Heeren Street)

This hideaway arty and filled with serenity café is a gem waiting to be discovered in Melaka!

As one enters the ordinary looking front doors, one is immediately mesmerized as once inside one is given an
opportunity to sample as customers a green,  leafy  cafe  feeling as though  we just passed through a time tunnel 
tracking back to the heritage of this buildings' days of old.

Baboon House freezes time and allows the calm and quaint surrounding to engage diners with serenenity and lots of 
greens and natural sunlight. 

So sit back and venture forth into wondrous gastronomical contentment with some great snacks and 

It was certainly not the best I’ve ever had but I vouch their Lamb Burgers as the best I've tasted in Malacca. 
It is no doubt that this place ranks high amongst the back packers and Singaporean crowds for the entire
atmosphere here is worth the time to visit, to be on top in virtual and spiritual satisfaction of both gastronomy
and sight.

Upon entering the narrow façade, this restored heritage house is not only arty and filled with serenity but at the same time mesmerizing visitors through a time tunnel tracking back to the heritage of this building from its décor. 

Lamb Burger with bacon bits and fettuccine
 cheese. Divine!

 Simply Lovely!

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