Thursday, July 10, 2014

Home is where the heart is / Heart of the Matter

I  wish to thank her. She who would not be named. 
There was a time my heart was in a windowless house full of dark and fear. 
Then, out of nowhere she came n' She entered into my heart. Into that darkened and disillusioned cave. She shone into my life like a ray of sunshine at first break of dawn.

Then with a burst of energy and sunlight she brought a much needed breath of fresh air. She brought Joy, Contentment and Happiness along with her to entice and entertain me and slowly pulled me out of that dark corner.
A heart is in many ways very much like a house.
It was through her that I realized Morning had broken through at last in my home and hearth .
A house full of windows is a house full of light, light that makes it possible to see all viewpoints. 
Look out of every window and into every window to see the vast range of the changing landscapes over time outside, the opportunity to view without being noticed, to paint or photograph your beautiful picture and to record an image of contentment in your mind’s eye.

I cannot see things as you do from where I am standing and you cannot see things as I do from your location. Maybe we should change positions and we would see things un-distorted in true perspective.
The person with one window is like the person with only one book. They are limited in their views; one should never draw the curtains on other views. Look and see the many possibilities.
The more windows the wider our outlook, to look out of only one window is to see only one side of our wondrous world.
Build your house with many windows take the best from all view points and hopefully your wisdom will grow. Never limit your view from only one window, one book, one country or one belief and it will help broaden your horizons.
Now I know looking out one window is to have a limited view.
Now I've learnt to fill that heart / house with windows to see the world from different viewpoints.  As a house full of windows is a house full of light, light that makes it possible to see all viewpoints, experience the sunshine and live life fully. 

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