Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Cultural and Religious Festivals & Events as observed in Melaka

Melaka is culturally diverse, with many different ethnic groups, and religions. Each observe their unique cultural festivals.  It may not be a public holiday, but nevertheless it is celebrated in its own unique way.

Cultural and Religious Festivals & Events as observed in MelakaYEAR 2013 ~ 2014
Festival / EventCulture / Religion20132014
PongalHindu14 Jan14 Jan
Thaipusam*Hindu27 JanTBA
Chap Goh MehChinese24 Feb31 Jan
Ash WednesdayChristian13 Feb05 Mac
Maha ShivarathriHindu10 Mac28 Feb
St. Patrick's DayChristian17 Mac17 Mac
NawruzBaha'i21 Mac21 Mac
Palm SundayChristian24 Mac13 Apr
Panguni UthiramHindu26 Mac13 Apr
Good FridayChristian29 Mac18 Apr
EasterChristian31 Mac20 Apr
Quing MingChinese04 Apr
Varsha Pirappu 
(Tamil New Year)
Hindu14 Apr14 Apr
VaisakhiSikh14 Apr13 Apr
Songkran FestivalThais13 ~ 15 Apr13 ~ 15 Apr
Rama NavamiHindu20 Apr08 Apr
KaulMelanau (Sarawak)24 ~ 28 AprTBA
Birthday of Tin HauChinese02 May22 May
(Buddha's Birthday)
Buddhist24 May13 May
Ascension of Baha'u'llahBaha'i29 May29 May
Fifth Moon or Dragon Boat FestivalChinese12 Jun02 Jun
Nine Emperor Gods FestivalChineseTBATBA
San Pedro FiestaEurasians (Melaka)23 ~ 29 Jun23 ~ 29 Jun
St. Anne's FeastCatholic (Penang)28 JulTBA
Hungry Ghost Festival Chinese20 Aug09 Aug
Mid Autumn or Mooncake FestivalChinese19 Sep08 Sep
Monkey God FestivalChinese20 Sep09 Sep
Birthday of ConfuciusChinese01 Oct20 Sep
NavaratriHindu05 Oct25 Sep
All Soul's DayChristian02 Nov02 Nov
Guru Nanak's BirthdaySikh17 Nov06 Nov
Dong Zhi Festival (Winter Solstice)Chinese22 Dec22 Dec

Other Special Days
Though not a public holiday but nevertheless These other dates may also be celebrated 
in certain groups-in  keeping with the international trend.

Grandparent's Day
08 Sept
Malaysian Armed Forces Day16 Sep
International Day of Peace21 Sep
World Teachers Day05 Oct
Bosses Day
16 Oct
United Nations Day24 Oct
Mother-in Law's Day (4th Sunday of Oct)
27 Oct
31 Oct
Universal Children's Day20 Nov
Thanksgiving Day
28 Nov
UN Human Rights Day10 Dec

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