Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Community campaign with Malaysian Heritage & History Club and N.U.S

A community campaign with Malaysian Heritage & History Club and National University of Singapore Tun Tan Cheng Lock Center is in the works which we believe would be an interesting listing for the local tourist community to come visit Malacca.

About New / Old Malacca
Malacca is fast facing over-development, losing it's heritage & cultural identity. This project aims to get the wider public involved to create a connection and awareness between the past of malacca, and current day. 

A walk into the past, in present day Malacca. If you've ever wondered what Malacca's townscape looked like in different time periods, here's a great way to explore and reconnect back to heritage. 
To participate, download the free TIMERA app. Campaign runs: September 16th-December 2014. We are looking for the best photographs to showcase for an exhibition.
This campaign with borne from wanting to connect to heritage buildings, and find the stories that link the past with the present.

Malaysia Day Walk Through New/Old Malacca
A walkthrough with Malacca's history buffs Colin Goh, Jo Chua & Serge Jardin. 
9am-11am, 16th September 2014, Tuesday

For more information and to follow updates:
Melissa: +6012-3628274 /

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