Friday, October 31, 2014

Get richly rewarded when you name the official mascot for the Malaysia Year of Festivals 2015.
YOU have a creative and catchy name for the Malaysia Year of Festivals (MyFest) 2015 mascot? The Tourism and Culture Ministry needs your help to give a name to the proboscis monkey, that is the official mascot.
The monkey is also the official mascot of Visit Malaysia Year 2014. An endangered species that is a truly ecological treasure and native to the heartland of Borneo namely Sabah and Sarawak. The proboscis monkey possesses some of the most unique qualities that set its biological and physical features apart from other primates. It’s selection is apt for it represents Malaysia’s rich biodiversity, fascinating wildlife, rainforest conservation and environmental sustainability efforts.
You will get rewarded for your efforts. The Proboscis Monkey Mascot Name Contest runs from Oct 1-27 and offers a Grand Prize of RM5,000 cash as well as exciting consolation prizes to the top 11 winners who suggest the best names for the mascot.

Malaysians are encouraged to participate in the contest to share their ideas and show their support for this campaign. You can do this by visiting to click on the contest link.

The contest is organised in two rounds.
For the first round, contest entries may be submitted from Oct 1 till midnight on Oct 13. Judges will review the submitted entries and select the most worthy 11 names for the second round of the contest which involves public voting via Facebook.
In the second round, the selected names will be posted on on Oct 15. The 11 contestants who have qualified for this second round are encouraged to re-post their submissions on their own Facebook pages to encourage more Likes for their proposed name. These will constitute 50% of the judgement, together with another 50% to be determined by the panel of judges in determining the Grand Prize Winner.
Results of the contest will be announced the following month and a prize giving ceremony will be arranged to present the RM5,000 Grand Prize to the deserving winner.
MyFest 2015 carries on the momentum of Visit Malaysia Year 2014 and is intended to give visitors a magical holiday experience and invite them to participate in the various festivals celebrated by Malaysia’s colourful multiracial communities, as well as the other colourful events that are help to promote the country’s rich treasure trove of attractions.

MyFest 2015 Rationale:

Officially on the 21st of October 2014, the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia announced that the year 2015 will be known as the Malaysia Year Of Festivals (MyFest) 2015. The MyFest 2015 campaign will continue to boost the tourism sector and ensure that the Malaysian tourism industry remains robust after the Visit Malaysia Year 2014 campaign. As Malaysia is blessed with various cultures, the new campaign seeks to showcase and celebrate Malaysia’s bountiful, diverse cultures and various festivities.

The MyFest 2015 campaign also seeks to maintain Malaysia as the top-of-the-mind tourist destination with a target of receiving 29.4 million tourist arrivals and RM89 billion tourist receipts. The campaign will complement the Malaysia Tourism Transformation Plan (MTTP:2020:36:168) where the country has set a target of 36 million tourist arrivals with RM168 billion tourist receipts in the year 2020.
You can also listen to the all new MyFest 2015 Official Song called ‘Endless Celebrations’

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