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Malacca Desserts

This simple page of luscious desserts aims to remind you to make your meal and day a fun filled and self-fulling one by exploring the many types and available desserts that you can try and taste while visiting this fair city..They're so delicious you'll definitely be tempted to eat the desserts first !

Everything about this city's dessert and snack offerings is teeth-gnashingly sweet – from the watercolour like creations in their window display and illustrations used in their marketing to the heart-shaped chocolate mousses and deep fried cakes topped with origami-like pastry just mocking you to touch and devour them on their plates!

Most stalls in their pasar malam and bakeries, cake shops along the streets and hotel bakeries are worth stopping in for, for a RM 3 slice of a chocolate cake which, like most other places now comes served with a dollop of frothy cream. Perfect to be washed down with a cup of coffee/tea. 

Visiting Jalan Bendahara in Melaka, you will not miss seeing these delectables on sale inside the Indian shops. No Indian meal is complete without a dessert to end with! 

There are many types of desserts in Melaka, but here in Indian Street you must try their Jelebis. Most of  these desserts offerings are sweet and full of ghee (clarified butter) but however, it cannot be denied that they are all very delicious. 

Here is a small list of mouth-watering desserts that you must try when you visit Indian Street in Melaka. 

Sweet Jalebi
Who can say no to a hot plate of jalebis on a cold rainy day! 
These golden coloured, deep fried rings made of maida (flour) batter taste best when served hot.  

Here, the Rava Kesari is popular amongst the Indians. 
This South Indian sweet that is made using Semolina/Sooji/Rava can be found during all celebrations for festivities.. It's made for and during all festive occasions & weddings which glorifies the sweet toothed persons need for a happy sugar rush..

Now, another integral dessert offering available (when requested) in the shops here would be the 'payasam' and this dessert offering is an integral part of any Indian Buffet spread which is traditionally served on a banana leaf. Some like it hot, some like it cold, some would swear it tastes fantastic when its a day old!

Moving on, I would find life and my day so uninteresting without some sweet desserts to attract that sugar rush!  and God bless Melaka...with their intricate and beautiful multi cultural fusion of food and taste, its asure bet that  be it a savory, snack or dessert you name it .......somewhere,someone, somehow is thinking and making it.

To  remember your youthful days, of careless whispers and melancholic ,bucolic memories nothing beats the aromas and taste of well known common street desserts like the Peanut Balls – many prefer it slightly chewy but  i feel it should not be too thick skinned.

Deep-fried, the aroma of the sesame ball with peanut paste is heavenly —  found in most pasar malams and Jonker street dessert areas, this dessert would taste quite good even if you didn't fancy peanut butter, because the ooomph is in the sweet tasting and glorious fillings. It must not be scant but full of aroma and taste.
I find the Malacca peanut balls freaky tasty here.

Kueh Apom – spongy and delicately aromatic from the brown sugar used, I find this dessert extremely satisfying to fill up on without worrying much about the calories!

Kuih Kosui (brown kuih in fresh coconut) The soft kuih has an unexplainable aroma (marked by the sweet and lovely aroma from palm sugar) and complexity to it. It  a very, very fragrant and creamy kueh that is best shared amongst friends and colleagues.


Ang Koo Kueh- This traditional Chinese pastry resembles the shape of a turtle shell and is usually filled with either bean pastry, sesame, peanut, and I've even tasted one filled with durian!

Kuih Keria – sweet potato doughnuts crusted with sugar. I love sweet potatoes and sometimes the stalls i find it in I feel could do with more sweet potatoes but that could just be me nitpicking. The ones in most Melaka Pasar malam's does pack more sweet potatoes than most commercial versions already!

Kuih Lapis –  You know life is gonna be cheery and your days gonna be like a colorful rainbow ahead whenever you encounter one of this multi layered dessert offerings! . Say what?
You lost the house keys..... again? Or the neighbours cat trampled all over your prized roses yesterday?  It’s alright, all is good. Take a bite out of a kueh lapis. 
You'll be smiling all over before that bite is swallowed through. That's the magic of this dessert:)

Kuih Dadar/ Ketayap- a fluffy, toast-y, fragrant grated coconut that is filling but light (not the greasy or thick, wet piece of dough kind) crepe. The coconut filling is usually sweet and acts as a fun filled savory, especially taken with coffee!

In summary, one does not go to visit a place without expecting a  memory or a slice of passion.. In Malacca, the cakes and desserts, and their savoriness offers you from the hearts and craft of the simple makcik/pakcik stalls to the established Bakeries and Hotel Cake shops -that taste of the sweet Malacca life.

A smell, a memory and a taste that gives you a reminder of a special place under the sun, floating on the tongue.

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