Monday, February 9, 2015

Restaurant Aunty Fatso-Melaka Raya

Lovely Grilled Prawns and Marinated Crab
Restoran Aunty Fatso is the perennial go-to place for good and cheap non-halal seafood in Melaka. 
The place is easy to find and offers easy parking. The cooked to order food there is great as well, the seafood is fresh and their specialty dish 'Curry Roti' was without doubt great and delicious! 
My son and I found the bread to be excellent dipped in the almost floating heaven curry:)
Chicken Curry with Roti
My daughter in law invited us to dinner here last Sunday and it was a memorable meal indeed. The seafood that they serve here is fresh and cooked perfectly.Although the restaurant  is in the back row of Shophouses in Melaka Raya, it remains crowded and popular amongst the locals and the foodies.

The Cheese Prawn Bee Hoon that they serve must be ordered as we found the large prawns too delicious to say no to. A fusion of innovative cooking, this dish makes the best of eastern and western cooking styles that is simply too good to be true. Furthermore the addition of the  large prawns into that cheesy broth just made my day. Simply scrumptious!
Cheese Bee Hoon

White Cod Dish
No. 39 Jalan Taman Melaka Raya 30, Taman Melaka Raya
OPENING HOURS:Open for Dinner 6:00 PM Onwards
PHONE: 06 283 6456 , 012 611 6996

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