Thursday, April 9, 2015

Challenging race to rediscover Malacca’s tourist spots


MALACCA: A group of semiconductor engineers strut their stuff in Malacca’s own version of reality television game show – The Amazing Race.
The engineers emerged as champion in the debutant race known as “Malacca Tourism Association (MTA) Kaki Race 2015” held recently.
Engineer, Gregory Sim Lim Kuo, 37, said it was quite a challenging race just like the TV show “The Amazing Race” which comprises different mind boggling tasks to be accomplished.
“The task given taught us to think out of the box and be creative in our thinking.
“One of the challenging parts was memorising a poem given by a representative in the Peranakan Museum and we had to repeat the same sentence to a curator who will judge and give points,” he said after receiving a RM5,514 winner’s cheque at The Shore Shopping and Gallery.
The “MTA Kaki Race 2015” was organised by the Malacca Tourism Association in collaboration with Tourism Malaysia Malacca and Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia.
Sim noted that the race was fun-filled and something new for the state.
“My team enjoyed the beautiful sights of the heritage buildings within Malacca City.
“We also learned some facts of Malacca’s history while googling to find our answers to places as references from books were not enough and were not taught during our schooling days.
“We had ‘fear factor’ challenging tasks like picking up marbles from a container filled with worms and crickets,” he said.
Creative skills: A group of team trying to accomplish a task using rubber bands.
Sim noted that his crew of four, who are engineers from Texas Instruments Malacca, Micheal Chiam, Yoong Hon Leong and Goh Kwan Vui were no strangers to such races as they had been joining such events as a team for the past two years.
The event saw 120 participants comprising of 30 teams, which saw men and women taking part in a seven-kilometre race starting from The Shore Shopping Gallery, Jalan Bunga Raya, along circling Jonker Walk.
The participants took off in front of the The Shore Shopping and Gallery at 8am.
The first team clocked in at 10.35am while the last team arrived at 12.10pm.
Participants were also treated to a buffet lunch. The first and second teams won RM4,292 and RM3,202 respectively.
MTA president Madelina Kuah said the purpose of the event was to rediscover Jonker Walk in its present day businesses and expose current and new members to explore each other’s potential in helping the tourism industry as a ‘TEAM’.
“The event is consistent with achieving the aim and incentive of the Malacca state government to attract tourists to the state.
In addition, the event also examines the extent of the participants’ knowledge about tourism and tourist attractions in Malacca.
“Participants were also tested on their physical and mental capabilities where each participant is required to go through 15 checkpoints which was planned for the event earlier,” she said.
Kuah, who flagged off the race earlier, said it was a good event for friends and families to get together.
“We rarely have this kind of events in Malacca that could bring friends closer to each other,” she said,
She noted that the Malacca City was filled with historical attractions.

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