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Cultural World Heritage Sites (WHS) in Asia, such as Melaka Historic City, are constantly facing development pressure. Gentrification is often associated with the inscription of historic cities as WHS as property owners attempt to maximise the economic returns from their investments. In the case of Melaka Historic City, gentrification has resulted in both positive and negative impacts. On the positive side, gentrification has brought new life to the derelict shop houses in the Old Quarter in form of their adaptive reuse; as galleries, souvenir shops, themed restaurants, etc. Conversely, gentrification has resulted in the displacement and marginalisation of the local residents, overcrowding, congestion and the loss of local character and identity.

More significantly, negative gentrification has led to the mushrooming of tourism-related businesses in an uncontrolled and insensitive manner, which may have serious implications on the authenticity and integrity of both the tangible and intangible cultural heritage in Melaka Historic City. If this negative trend is not abated, there is a strong likelihood that it might transform Melaka Historic City into a ‘heritage theme park’ that could no longer showcase its Outstanding Universal Value (OUV),  which is central to its inscription as a cultural WHS.

In this light, the aim of this workshop is to bring together related stakeholders in Melaka Historic City to share their knowledge, experiences and ideas in reconciling demand for tourism and the needs of heritage conservation. The workshop will reflect on the development path that Melaka Historic City has taken since its inscription as a WHS in 2008 (together with Georgetown, Penang). 

In doing so, this workshop will discuss the impact of WH listing on spatial development  and the built environment within the Old Quarter of the historic city as well as the local economy and lives of the local residents. 

The paper presentations will highlight the potential pitfalls of developing cultural WH Sites in an uncontrolled manner, and present examples of how place remaking involving the local residents could protect the authenticity and integrity of historic cities and make them relevant to the contemporary world.

Promotions At Melaka Wonderland Theme Park & Resort

                Validity : 1st July 2015 - 15th November 2015
                Parks : Melaka Wonderland Theme Park & Resort, 
Melaka Bird Park, Melaka Zoo & Night Safari, Wildlife Theatre Melaka
                Highlights : Students (13 years old and above) with student ID MUST present their ID to be entitled at a child's rate for entrance ticket. For those who are in secondary school, they will need to
                                      show their NRIC.

                 MERDEKA PROMOTION
                Validity : 31st August 2015
                Parks : Melaka Wonderland Theme Park & Resort, Melaka Bird Park, Melaka Zoo & Night Safari, Wildlife Theatre Melaka

                Highlights :
- i)     Merdeka Babies & Families
                                                - 50% discount on entrance ticket for those whose birthday falls on 31st August 2015 (Merdeka Babies)
                                                - Up to 10 family members of the Merdeka Babies will be entitled to a 20% discount off the entrance
ii)     Merdeka Attire
                                                - 20% discount on entrance ticket for customers who are dressed                                 in a combination of 3 colors from the Malaysia Flag 
(Red / White / Blue / Yellow)
                                                - Up to 10 family members of the customer with Merdeka Attire will also be entitled to a 20% discount off the entrance ticket

                Validity : 8th - 10th September 2015
                Parks : Melaka Bird Park, Melaka Zoo & Night Safari, Wildlife Theatre Melaka
                Highlights : Advance booking at RM5.00 per primary school student. 
                 With booking of every 35 students, one (01) teacher enters for free

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Melaka Today- In Pictures.

Melaka is now one of the country's 
most popular destinations.
 A UNESCO World Heritage City, 
Melaka is deemed the birthplace 
of the nation's historical and 
cultural heritage, 
with over 600 years
 of history to its name.
 Its landmark buildings inherit 
this unique architecture
 from British, 
Portuguese and
 Dutch influences,
 a nod to the city's colonial past.
 Its inhabitants a cultural smorgasbord of people and places.

Bullock carts from an age long ago still available today to tourists in Ayer Keroh

Trishaw Heaven

Melaka Coastal road @ Night is a Fairy land of Lights and activity.

Entrepreneurial Spirit @ its Core. Coffee Barista with his own blend

Farm Visits in the outskirts of Melaka for the Urban Warrior to explore

Old Wooden Kampong Houses abound in Melaka 

Anjung Seri

Melaka Centre @ Night

Melaka River

The Not to be Missed Night Markets in every part of Melaka City

MITC Planetarium.

Pirate Walk in Town Centre
Melaka River View @ Night

Coral Wonderland in The Shore

Theme Water Park in Ayer Keroh

Tradisional Melaka House

Malay House in Kampong Morten in City Centre
Replica of Melaka Sultan's Palace in St.Paul's Hill
Forta Leeza Melaka

Heeren Street @ Antique Road

waiting for passengers

Dutch Square, Melaka

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Bayou Lagoon Park Resort pre-Merdeka Promotion

Spread The News!

Pre Merdeka Celebration

Let's go to splash water!! 
Water Park - Flat rate RM10.00 ONLY. Promotion to all entrance categories (Adult/Child/Senior Citizen) and FREE Car park.

Valid from 22-27 Aug 2015

Water Park Operation Hours :
Weekday : 9am - 7pm
Weekend, Public & School Holiday : 8am - 7pm

For more information call us at 06-2330 888 or

Best Regards,
Kim Mei Ee
Senior Marcom Executive

Bayou Lagoon Park Resort Sdn. Bhd.
Amari Villa, Bayou Lagoon Park Resort, 
Jalan Wakaf Utama,

75450 Bukit Katil, Melaka, Malaysia
Tel        606 2330 888
Fax       606 2533 888
Mobile 013 2868 723

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Campaign To Fly The Malaysian National Flag in Melaka by Chief Minister

Jelajah Aspirasi Merdeka oleh Perbadanan Muzium Melaka (PERZIM) dan RTM

Jelajah Aspirasi Merdeka RTM 2015 kini di Melaka!!!
dan penyampai radio yang lain serta berhibur bersama artis jemputan!

Antara aktiviti menarik:
- Pengkisahan Sejarah
- Pertandingan Melukis Potret Merdeka
- Treasure Hunt
- Persembahan Artis
- Kuiz kemerdekaan 
- Dondang Sayang dan banyak lagi!!
Terima kasih Perbadanan Muzium Melaka (PERZIM)
Ikuti perkembangan aktiviti di RTM RTM - Radio Televisyen MalaysiaTwitter dan Instagram kami!

The Shore Oceanarium


The Shore Oceanarium is the New Premier Tourist Attraction in Melaka. 
It is located at 2nd floor of The Shore Shopping Gallery, right in the heart of the historical city of Melaka, UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Malaysia.  An extraordinary interactive journey to learn the earth ecosystem and allow you to discover creatures from land & the sea.
As Melaka’s premier visitor destination Oceanarium and a major entertainment attraction, The Shore Oceanarium is undoubtedly a not-to-be-missed spot on your itinerary. 
A few hours spent at the The Shore Oceanarium Melaka will be as educational as it is fun and memorable.
In the interactive zone we equipped the First in the Malaysia “Magical Vacuum Aquarium/MVA Aquarium”.
 The Shore Oceanarium is the First Aquarium in Malaysia bringing you the 3D experience during your visit. 
It's taking the learning journey to the next dimension. With 3-D glasses you will be able to have “Real Vision” of different place & species. You can see the Mangrove Tree in Malacca River, Pahang Rainforest, and Sungai Perak in 3D, fossil stone in 3D, & some extinct fish species in 3D light board display. Also,watch the 3D movie " A Turtle's Adventure " and join the sea turtles on their's adventure journey of life in the sea 

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