Saturday, November 14, 2015

MAPFest2015 @ St. Paul's Hill, Melaka

It's Official! 

27 - 29 November 2015 at
 St. Paul's Hill, Melaka. 
Everyone is invited. 
Tell your friends!

This year, MAPFest is calling you to join them! There’ll be artists from Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, France, Poland, Singapore and Russia collaborates to present international quality performances from various practices of arts including dance, performing art, visual arts installation, film and music.

With more than 35 local and international artists around the vicinity of St. Paul’s Hill to transform the heritage city into a piece of art, the three-day festival is a free event for all. Over the years, the festival has attracted tens of thousands of foreign and local festival-goers to the historical site.

MAPFest 2015 keeps it fresh with specialty components such as Cerita Pendik (Short Works) Visual Arts Installation, film screening as well as forums and workshops. Other highlights include collaborative performance like Eulogy for The Living, MAPPING programme, fine and contemporary arts display at local galleries around Melaka City, and a Children’s Art Festival at SMK Canossa Convent Malacca.

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