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December 2015 -Melaka Dual Language News Snippets

MPHTJ Tax Collection Increases To RM17 Million

The Hang Tuah Jaya Municipal Council (MPHTJ) tax collection had increased to RM17 million this year compared to RM15 million collected last year.
Melaka Housing, Local Government and Environment Committee chairman Datuk Ismail Othman said the increase of RM2 million in the tax collection proved that the level of public awareness on the importance of paying their taxes had improved.
"It also showed that the people are responding well to and were satisfied with the improved facilities provided by the MPHTJ," he told reporters after opening the presentation ceremony of MPHTJ Community Award 2015 here today.
Also present was MPHTJ president Mansor Sudin.
At the event, Othman also presented the Malaysian National New Agency (Bernama) with the Community-Friendly Media Award.
Source: Bernama


Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall's Gift to the children
Mall gives 2,000 toys to less fortunate.
Santa Claus will deliver Doraemon toys to 2,000 poorer children in the state.
The toys, created from the classic anime character, will be given by Santa on behalf of the Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall to the children.
The megalmall's advertising and promotion manager Elaine Ong Mei Fong said the stuffed toys would be hung on a large-scale Doraemon Enchanted Christmas tree at the mall before they are brought down on the New Year to be given to children.
"We aim to reach to the young fans of Doreamon who can't afford these original toys from Japan," she said when interviewed yesterday.
Ong said the stuffed toys were made available after an exclusive tie-up with Animation International, the creators of Doraemon.
The megamall unveiled the Christmas decoration here.
"We have also life-sized Doraemon characters making their appearance every weekend until Jan 3 next year," she added.
Source: The Star


Melaka acts against turtle egg poaching.

The number of landings and hatchings of hawksbill turtles along the shores of the State continues to improve, thanks to intensified coastal patrol and enforcement to protect the near-extinct species.
Fisheries Department Melaka Director Rosmawati Ghazali said 417 landings were recorded until November this year showing an increase compared to the number cross-checked with 1990.
She said existing enforcement will be further beefed up next year to avoid turtle egg poaching which is still happening in the State.
Melaka is the second main habitat of hawksbill turtles in the country after Turtle Island in Sabah, and their landing points include Kem Terendak, Pasir Gembur, Pulau Upeh, Teluk Belanga, Tanjung Dahan, Meriam Patah and Tanjung Serai.
"Padang Kemunting beach is one of the main landing points for this turtle and accounts for 20 to 25 per cent of landings in Melaka this year," he said during a Turtle Appreciation Programme, held at the beach, here on Tuesday.
Source: Daily Express


Beware of bodycam.

Personnel from the state contingent’s motorcycle patrol unit (URB) have more muscle to fight crime thanks to body cameras.
From Jan 1, patrol unit personnel will be equipped with the device, commonly known as bodycam.
Malacca Police Chief Deputy Comm Datuk Wira Chuah Ghee Lye said the device would not only protect their personnel when carrying out their duties, it would also inspire greater public confidence in the force through enhanced integrity.
He said the bodycam could do visual and audio recording for up to eight hours and is equipped with a 400GB memory card.
"Recorded visuals will be transferred to a computer and it would be referred to if there is any complaint against the police," he said.
Apart from that, the video footage would also strengthen the police's case if the crime is brought to court.
DCP Chuah added URB personnel would undergo training on how to use the device according to standard operating procedures.
"We have received 36 body cameras and once police personnel are off duty, they must submit the SD cards to the officer-in-charge who will then transfer the data daily," he said after the handing over ceremony at the police headquarters in Bukit Beruang.
Source: The Star


Melaka highlights pros and cons of World Heritage listing.

Arguably, no city in Asia is more evocative of the meeting of East and West than Malaysia's Melaka, also known as Malacca -- founding principality of the Malay peninsula, coveted and conquered by numerous European powers for its location on the strategic shipping lane of the Malacca Straits. But since 2008, when Melaka was designated a Unesco World Heritage site in a joint bid with George Town, in Penang state, the fragile outpost has succumbed to more modern foes: a surge in tourism from 7.5 million visitors annually to more than 12 million, a steep rise in property values and rents, and the construction of towering hotels, malls and new towns teeming with high-rises around its periphery.
"Before the inception of Unesco World Heritage, our town was rustic and unpretentious, full of unique flavors, hybrid races, the smell of incense, wood houses, the muddy river, the sounds of craftsmen at work," said Bert Tan, head of the local Malaysian History and Heritage Club, and a resident of Melaka. "But World Heritage status has changed Melaka from a quiet community to a monstrosity of tourist commercialism and business. Old traders have been replaced by fancy bars and hotels. We have cartoon heritage, monstrous mega-projects, Hello Kitty buildings."
Melissa Chan, curator of the historic Baba Nyonya House, noted: "The positive impact of World Heritage status has been an increase in visitors to Melaka. However, it seems to attract visitors who come primarily for the entertainment value rather than the appreciation of a heritage town." Chan added, "There definitely isn't enough effective check-and-balance on new development projects. By the time the community knows about a pending development, it is too late and foundation work has already started.
The World Heritage program, launched in 1972 and run by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, was meant to safeguard the obviously great achievements of humanity -- "the 100 or so landmarks like the Pyramids [in Egypt]," explained Unesco program officer Montira Horayangura Unakul. But it has now expanded to include more than 1,000 sites around the globe. With hundreds more clamoring to win similar recognition (China and India have each proposed around 50 candidates), Montira acknowledged an ongoing debate within the U.N. about the program's reach.
Unesco officials argue that World Heritage status helps focus outside funding, attention and the aid of world-class specialists on preserving endangered cultural patrimony. But in 2008, a "process of reflection" about the future of the World Heritage Convention, an international agreement on the protection of natural and cultural heritage sites, was approved to facilitate discussion of issues such as geographic balance and a possible narrowing of the criteria for selection.

Source: Nikkei Asian Review (Japan)


Hari Terbuka Malaysia Krismas di Melaka
 Kira-kira 20,000 masyarakat berbilang kaum dijangka memeriahkan sambutan Hari Terbuka Malaysia Krismas di Dataran A'Famosa, di sini, pada malam 27 Disember ini. Timbalan Menteri Pelancongan dan Kebudayaan, Datuk Mas Ermieyati Samsudin, berkata Timbalan Perdana Menteri, 

Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi adalah antara tetamu kehormat yang akan memeriahkan sambutan berkenaan. Beliau berkata, Melaka sekali lagi terpilih menganjurkan sambutan Krismas di peringkat kebangsaan dengan acara bermula seawal jam 2.30 petang sehingga jam 10.30 malam. "Persiapan sedang rancak diadakan antara Kementerian Pelancongan dan Kebudayaan, bersama kerajaan negeri serta Majlis Bandaraya Melaka Bersejarah (MBMB).

 "Memandangkan sambutan ini ketika musim cuti sekolah yang panjang, kita jangkakan sambutan akan lebih meriah, dengan pelbagai acara hiburan, persembahan pentas dan sajian menu tradisi Malaysia," katanya pada sidang media selepas menyampaikan hadiah Maraton Antarabangsa Sungai Melaka 2015, di sini, hari ini.

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